Contemporary Luxury
Tatvam Villas, Sector 48
3000 sq. ft.

Project Details

This three-story residence gracefully hosts a family of four. Seamlessly fusing opulence with functionality, the project enthralls with its unique allure. The result is a space that effortlessly blends comfort and luxury, showcasing a modern and contemporary aesthetic.
Each project presents its unique set of challenges, and this one was no exception. The initial hurdle we faced was the subpar quality of the structure, making the process of breaking it down a formidable task. Subsequently, seepage emerged as a significant issue in various areas of the villa, requiring diverse measures for resolution. Challenges related to demolition also posed additional complexities in the project.
Design Process
In the initial design phase, considerable efforts were focused on the demolition of existing structures and the construction of new walls, rooms, and a reconfigured internal circulation, which notably included the staircase. This extensive transformation aimed not only to enlarge the spaces but also to augment their functionality, in accordance with the client’s specific requirements. The interior encompasses the ground floor, first floor, and basement, each meticulously tailored to meet distinct user needs.
The ground floor is envisioned as a semi-private domain, comprising a living room, dining room, kitchen, lobby, and private spaces like a bedroom and office. Advancing to the first floor, the layout unfolds with four bedrooms and a mandir. Lastly, the basement is dedicated to recreational activities, featuring a TV room and a servant room.
The residence’s contemporary style, complemented by classical touches, emerges as a fusion of elegance and functionality, shaping a space that seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with practical design. The color palette employed throughout the house is characterized by neutral tones, contributing to a timeless and versatile ambiance.

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What People Say

ACad Studio designed and managed the construction process of our office space. We saved a lot of time and money under their surveillance. The design was outstanding. Every time I enter my office I feel like walking in my garden. We had a strict opening date. Aayush managed the entire site and delivered the project as planned.


Ayush and his team are professional, courteous and polite. They are excellent at understanding what the client wants and dexterously weaving their ideology into the clients’ thereby generating a unique and best-suited plan for their clients. It has been a wonderful experience having them aboard for our dream house and looking forward to more projects in the future.


Aayush managed the interiors of my house. He welcomed all the designed concepts we had in our mind and produced a new concept catering to our needs. He managed the entire construction process and delivered on time with a very good quality. We never worried about anything during our deal.


Excellent organization and efficient working style. Highly recommend them.


I am really impressed by the professional working of ACAD studio. They provide end to end solution. Based on couple of initial discussions, i decided to get my 7000 sq feet dream house built by ACAD studio. They work by schedule and deliver all milestones. I would say it is a one place for all architecture, interior designing, construction needs.


Highly Professional and super creative

Pushkar Sharma

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