Towering Esse
MGF, The Villas
5000 sq. ft.

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To transform the existing penthouse into a beautiful Home Interior Design where it is characterized by more space complemented by the luxury interior design features of the home. We were given the task of changing the interiors as well as the architectural aspects of the penthouse while accommodating the luxury features of the architectural aspects of the penthouse.  


We had the challenge of having a task where we had to transform the existing shell of the penthouse into a luxurious home that stands out alone in the region. It involved a lot of improvisations when it came to the formulation and implementation of penthouse architecture.  

Along with the external appearance of the house, we also had to work on the interior design of the penthouse where we had the responsibility to have a Modern Home Interior Design of the space. Given a certain budget, we had to deliver seamless and elegant designs that cater to the client’s requirement of transforming the home into a stunning penthouse.  


We had the goal to design a house for a family of three where we had to do away with the old features so as to accommodate the new features. We had to replace the new spatial planning of the penthouse.  

When we see the overall process of the penthouse architecture, we had to break certain rooms and add them as part of the master bedroom and the toilet to increase the whole space inside the bedroom and the toilet. The advantage of increasing the bedroom space is that that owner could now enter the bedroom with a closet of his or her own along with a spacious washroom. The ground floor of the penthouse now comprises a master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and balcony.  

The huge balcony attached to the Drawing room Interior Designer installed a gazebo and an artificial garden overlooking the Gurgaon skyline. This was done to make space for fresh air to penetrate the house along with a touch of greenery that will also be present as a visual treat. The first floor comprises two master bedrooms along with two guest rooms that are spacious that can comprise various types of interior decor. The first floor also has a huge balcony along with a terrace garden overlooking the Gurgaon skyline. The idea was to create a luxurious design with simple elements and yet make the penthouse look beautiful in its simplicity.  

Our goal was to have these Luxury Interior Designs for the penthouse. It was to undertake the penthouse architecture and interior design that gives a different dimension to the whole architectural and design process. For this, we designed and implemented the designs by following up with the client at every stage. Their views were also valuable to help me and my team leading the penthouse architecture process and interior designing process. We had been successful in integrating the penthouse architecture with the interior design where we were renovating the rooms, we knew what kind of Home Interior Design Idea and decor they wanted at their home.  

After the completion of the project of the penthouse architecture and interior design, we were glad the clients were highly satisfied with our work where they cooperated with us and have given inputs to their vision which guided us to lead the work process.  

Therefore, we were delighted to finish the Best Residential project in Gurgaon where we were assigned the task of handling the penthouse architecture and the interior design in such a way that caters to the luxury needs of the family and was successful in doing that.  

Apart from the penthouse architecture and interior designing work, ACad Studio provides a complete range of architectural and Interior Design Services from inception to completion or a partial service which could be availed in any and every kind of service we impart such as architectural work, construction process, and design.  

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What People Say

Nayan Mangla

ACad Studio designed and managed the construction process of our office space. We saved a lot of time and money under their surveillance. The design was outstanding. Every time I enter my office I feel like walking in my garden. We had a strict opening date. Aayush managed the entire site and delivered the project as planned.


Mohak Narang

Ayush and his team are professional, courteous and polite. They are excellent at understanding what the client wants and dexterously weaving their ideology into the clients’ thereby generating a unique and best-suited plan for their clients. It has been a wonderful experience having them aboard for our dream house and looking forward to more projects in the future.



Aayush managed the interiors of my house. He welcomed all the designed concepts we had in our mind and produced a new concept catering to our needs. He managed the entire construction process and delivered on time with a very good quality. We never worried about anything during our deal.



Excellent organization and efficient working style. Highly recommend them.



I am really impressed by the professional working of ACAD studio. They provide end to end solution. Based on couple of initial discussions, i decided to get my 7000 sq feet dream house built by ACAD studio. They work by schedule and deliver all milestones. I would say it is a one place for all architecture, interior designing, construction needs.


Pushkar Sharma

Highly Professional and super creative

Pushkar Sharma

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