South City 2

Project Name

Wooden Extrussion


4522 sq.ft.


The idea behind designing the “Wooden Extrusion” was to make a simple functional Home. It is designed for the nuclear family includes-spouse, including their kids, and Grandparents. The client wants an open area rather than a covered area and a porched design on the exterior. So a simple house with perfect finishing is designed for the family. 
Building and designing any place is always a challenging part. From off-site work to completion of the place; designers and architects face complex challenges. As the client demands open space around the house so providing equal space on all 4 sides was a tough challenge. Apart from this, ventilation was an important aspect of the design, and achieving maximum space for cross-ventilation was a great challenge. 
Creating a porch landscape in front of the house was again a challenging part of the design. 

The design pictures the modern architectural style that describes the modern lifestyle of the client. The house consists of 3 floors- the ground floor, the 1st floor, and the 2nd floor. The elevation design depicts the modern straight lines which spark up the whole building envelope. The exterior of the design highlights the use of wooden material that makes the superstructure bold and noticeable among neighbors. 
The front area has a landscaped porch and parking for vehicles. As the client demands open and ventilated space, cross ventilation is introduced in the design of this house. Seeing today’s environmental conditions, open space with much ventilation is an essential requirement. So as an approachable solution, the setback area has been designed as open and covers the green landscape around. It is well-ventilated by providing a 3' wide setback on all 4 sides of the building. The stairs have been segregated from the main floor to maintain the privacy of residents. 
The focal point of the house is the entrance and living room. The house has one main entrance and one entrance for service purposes. For making rooms bright throughout the day, access to natural light has been provided by introducing large glass windows in all rooms. Additionally, large windows in the living room serve another purpose of enjoying the front porch landscape view from the space. The bedrooms include attached bathrooms and closet space. Even the bedrooms have individual access to the huge balconies. 

Heading towards the kitchen which has been designed specifically spacious. The small dining space is incorporated into the kitchen for kids to accomplish client demands. It also includes the segregated portion for service areas like washing. 
The other amenities include semi-private T.V. space, a gym, and a backyard panorama including a pool for kids. The house is a perfect example of a simple functional home design designed by architecture in Gurgaon. 

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