New Delhi

Project Name

Progressive Silhoutes


4908 sq. ft.



We got a chance to design a factory elevation for a reputed Architecture company Tin Tech dealing in the manufacturing of electronic products. We have designed this masterpiece- “Progressive Silhouettes” for them. 

The concept behind the design was to make it unique and innovative. The modern architectural style is followed up in the design. We have planned to incorporate geometric patterns in the design. As the sun moves from its position the movement of shadows is also seen.



The challenge of designing the factory elevation were few. The first challenge was to make it a beautiful space that reflects every aspect of the manufacturing company. Another challenge was to incorporate the geometrical pattern in the design. The arrangement of cuboidal boxes that could support the entry of natural light was a bit challenging.  

Other challenges were related to the MEP of the building that should be resolved at the construction site. 

Design Process 

The factory is for manufactures electronic products, so the interior and exterior have been designed according to the manufacturing requirements. To highlight the name of the factory a broad standing pillar is constructed that includes the brand name. The entrance of the factory is very simple and covers the main gate entry only. If one sees the building it seems to be triangular in shape but the fact is the factory is cuboidal in shape. The angles at the sides are projected out very clearly and amazingly.  

The factory has three floors and a basement covering the different manufacturing units. The portion of the ground floor has space for parking vehicles and the other floor covers the manufacturing area. The whole building has extruded cuboidal structures juxtaposed with the walls. These cuboidal structures are arranged in a line that follows up the repetitive rhythm from one end to the other end. These cuboid blocks support the window frames and large glass windows are designed that allow the entry of a maximum source of natural light. This aids in increasing the visibility factor and transparency inside the area. 

The simple light color theme is followed up at the exterior of the factory that shines in the daylight. The exciting part of this is the open roof system- It appears as a floating roof from a far view. The roof is supported by standing pillars and provides shade to the building.  

The Commercial Architects in Gurgaon have done a fabulous job as the client has only asked to design the best version of architecture work. This is a true example of bringing out reality in the virtual form. 



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