Project Name

Metal Dominance


6000 sq. ft.



At Acad Studio, one of the leading interior design firms in Gurgaon, the idea of designing this residential project was to highlight the boldness of design. It’s often people who focus on the exterior of the house instead of interior design. This results in unequal distribution of principal elements of Design. So, ACad Studio came up with the solution by designing the “Metal Dominance”. 

The Residential Project presents an excellent layout of the interior and exterior design. 

The main challenge we face while designing the concept was to use a material that doesn't look over the board and suit the landscape. The Architecture Firms in Gurgaon face issues while constructing the superstructure terrace. 

The exterior of the house explains the modern architectural style. The extruded portion on the 1st floor is the perfect option to chill and relax in the evening. The use of metal at the ceiling portion and on the railings of the house is dominating the use of other building materials. The design of the terrace is the focal point of the exterior. The concept of a floating terrace is introduced in the project. 

Even the interior of the house is designed by keeping the elements in mind. The grand living room depicts the use of minimalist ideas. The Light fixtures to the furniture create a soothing atmosphere in the room. The portion of the living room is attached to the kitchen and dining area. The modern furniture and light fixtures have made the space look more attractive. The best use of space is described in this house. The marble used for the kitchen counter is adding grace to the area. The black and gray color furniture gives dark tones to the space. The walls of the living room show a repetitive rhythm pattern. 

The excellent work of color and texture on the wall of the living room highlights the importance of colors in designs. Apart from the living room, the additional portion of the house on the second floor is designed very gracefully. The white color curtains are contrasting with the wooden furniture (sofa, table, chair). Even the jute rug complements the flooring design. 

Heading towards the bedroom, which seems to look like heaven. One needs a peaceful and calm sleep after a long hectic day. The grey and white wall colors are co-relating with each other. To give a touch of the village the brick-red texture is given on one portion of the wall. 
The residential project designed by an Interior Design Firms in Gurgaon shares the bizarre design concept for the exterior and interior of the house. 

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