Luminous Heaven
Tatvam Villas, Sector 48
3000 sq. ft.

Project Details

When our client approached us with the need for interior designers, little did we know, their requirements demanded way more than just the interior. The Tatvam Villas are two-storied four-bedroom houses with a basement, and our client wanted to convert it to a three-bedroom house, way more spacious and luxurious than it was. An entire change of layout was made to accommodate their needs and the functionality of the space. 

Once the layouts were finalized and the walls were fixated, decoding the theme for this new house’s interior wasn’t a difficult task. Understanding our client’s taste and style helped us come up with the fusion of royalty and contemporary. 


Every project comes with its own line of challenges, and this one did too. The very first challenge that came in front of us was the poor quality of the structure, breaking down most of the structure wasn’t an easy task. The next problem that arose was seepage at multiple places in the villa, a lot of varied measures had to be taken wherever possible to solve it and there were challenges related to demolition, site, MEP and the grave of challenges was the time constraint, a very strict deadline was assigned to us by the clients to hand over the keys and we although rushed, gladly delivered, on time and with everything their home could’ve needed. 

Design Process 

The four-bedroom villa turned into a three-bedroom home, along with a very spacious living room, a dining area, kitchen, bar, office, and a lot of light was achieved in a very tight time frame. The arrangement of spaces was made such that, one bedroom, the living room, and dining attached to the bar, and the kitchen came on the ground floor, designed to be a public space of the house, where the client would entertain guests. It was a very formal arrangement. One of the bedrooms was planned on the ground floor but away from the noisy area of the living room. This bedroom was for the client’s mother who did not want to have to climb stairs. The first floor had two bedrooms, a laundry room, a pooja room, and a deck overlooking the garden and swimming pool area in the backyard. The basement had ample storage, a gym area, and an office for our client. The bedroom on the ground floor was designed for the grandmother, in a way to reduce her staircase use and give her a nice view of the front garden. The living room, facing the backyard, was also designed keeping in mind the view and the natural light that lights up the area. The dining and bar area was attached to the pool so that parties could be extended into the backyard. The basic idea of the entire layout was to have ample natural light into most of the house and we achieved that quite successfully. The first floor had the master bedroom and the daughter’s room which both got amazing views of the society park and their backyard. 

Our client’s taste was very luxurious and modern, and that is highly reflected in the villa’s interior, the natural light and breeze were complimented by the interior, the color palette, furniture, and fancy lighting, and the overall feeling one achieves is very homely and relaxing. The team did not shy away from playing with fancy lights with all the different chandeliers used across the house, the funky furniture, and the extravagant color palette. 

Each room of the house has been curated keeping in mind the user, the master bedroom has a touch of pink shades, large windows, and a glass wall partitioned washroom, which is huge and lavish with furniture nothing more than necessary. The daughters’ room was done in darker tones, a lot of wood and lights were used here with minimal furniture. The grandmother’s room was designed with neo-classical elements and furniture, and a blue theme was followed throughout the room. 

The main attraction to the villa is its landscaping, a treat to the eyes, the entrance of the villa has amazing flower beds complimenting the exterior of the villa and the backyard is designed to be all green and to extend as a part of the living area placed next to it. The scenery created in the backyard not only worked for special occasions but also was an everyday treat for morning or evening tea and a good time to just sit around with family. 

This project was not only very interesting and challenging, it also gave us an open mind to play with the challenges in the most creative ways possible. The satisfaction with the project was both for us and the clients and that is something only a good project can give you! 

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David Oswald
project type:
Interior Design
6 month
November 22, 2020

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What People Say

Nayan Mangla

ACad Studio designed and managed the construction process of our office space. We saved a lot of time and money under their surveillance. The design was outstanding. Every time I enter my office I feel like walking in my garden. We had a strict opening date. Aayush managed the entire site and delivered the project as planned.


Mohak Narang

Ayush and his team are professional, courteous and polite. They are excellent at understanding what the client wants and dexterously weaving their ideology into the clients’ thereby generating a unique and best-suited plan for their clients. It has been a wonderful experience having them aboard for our dream house and looking forward to more projects in the future.



Aayush managed the interiors of my house. He welcomed all the designed concepts we had in our mind and produced a new concept catering to our needs. He managed the entire construction process and delivered on time with a very good quality. We never worried about anything during our deal.



Excellent organization and efficient working style. Highly recommend them.



I am really impressed by the professional working of ACAD studio. They provide end to end solution. Based on couple of initial discussions, i decided to get my 7000 sq feet dream house built by ACAD studio. They work by schedule and deliver all milestones. I would say it is a one place for all architecture, interior designing, construction needs.


Pushkar Sharma

Highly Professional and super creative

Pushkar Sharma

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