Palampur, H.P

Project Name

Linear House



The proposed project is an innovative architectural marvel set in the serene town of Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Designed to blend seamlessly with the breathtaking landscape of the region, the project combines modern aesthetics with functional excellence. This multi-floor facility boasts a distinctive slant roof design, a captivating glass front, and a range of amenities that cater to both leisure and fitness enthusiasts. The four-story structure is strategically laid out to provide panoramic views of the surrounding beauty while offering state-of-the-art facilities.

  1. The building's slant roof design not only adds an element of uniqueness but also helps in harmonizing with the picturesque hilly terrain. This design approach ensures effective rainwater drainage and snow shedding, both crucial for the climatic conditions of Palampur.

  2. Glass Front: The glass-fronted façade offers a transparent connection between the indoor spaces and the breathtaking outdoors. This design choice not only maximizes natural light but also provides uninterrupted views of the stunning landscape. The facility is spread across four thoughtfully planned floors, each catering to specific functions and activities. From recreational spaces to wellness zones, each floor serves a purpose while maintaining the overall aesthetic coherence. The uppermost floor is dedicated to a glass-enclosed gymnasium. This gym space offers a unique workout experience, where fitness enthusiasts can exercise while surrounded by the natural beauty of Palampur. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls ensure an inspiring workout atmosphere, coupled with uninterrupted views of the mountains.

  3. The well-manicured landscape surrounding the facility includes a volleyball court. This court not only provides a recreational space for physical activity but also serves as a focal point for social interactions and team sports. The front elevation of the building is adorned with a vertical rod blind design. This design element adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness, while also providing shade and privacy to the interior spaces.

  • The project aims to showcase architectural innovation by seamlessly integrating modern design elements with the natural beauty of the location. The facility is designed to provide a harmonious blend of recreational, fitness, and leisure spaces that cater to the diverse needs of the community. The modern and visually appealing design of the building, along with the glass gym and the vertical rod blind front elevation, is intended to become a landmark in Palampur. The glass-enclosed gymnasium is a focal point of the project, promoting wellness and fitness in a unique and inspiring environment. The inclusion of a volleyball court and open spaces encourages community engagement, social interactions, and a sense of togetherness among the residents.


The modern multi-floor facility with its slant roof, glass front, and glass-enclosed gymnasium is poised to become a symbol of contemporary architecture in the picturesque town of Palampur. By seamlessly integrating modern design concepts with the natural landscape, the project aims to create a space that not only meets the functional needs of the community but also enhances the quality of life and provides an exceptional aesthetic experience.

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