Project Name

Barton Villa


4600 sq. ft.


An artist and painter with an eye for color and design, the client's interior design project focus on creating modern and contemporary themes with a homely touch. The goal is to keep the color palette neutral and add vibrant colors to the walls and furniture while incorporating unique elements into each space.

The living room features a comfortable full-size sofa in neutral hues, bright accent chairs, and a colorful rug. Artwork from the client's collection adorns the walls, adding a personal touch to the space. 

A white terrazzo backsplash complements the kitchen modern white and green cabinetry, while a large, custom-made natural wood dining table takes center stage in the space. A unique pendant light hangs above the table, adding a sculptural element. 

The bedroom features a neutral color palette with a bold accent walls and pops of color in colorful cushions. The bed is for the focal point of the room, with a custom headboard featuring an abstract design by client.

Natural materials such as wood and stone are used extensively to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The result is a modern, contemporary home with personal touches that reflect the client's love of art and design.

What's Clients Says?