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Why is India not Able to Progress with BIM?

Whenever there is any construction in the real estate sector, there is generally a bit of scepticism that looms over a person’s mind because there are numerous challenges of the construction sector that people have to deal with on a regular basis.  

The construction industry has been suffering a lot of organisational and logistic difficulties, primarily because of a proper lack of communication amongst various stakeholders who are involved in the construction process. As such, there has been no or little attempt made by any realtor or architect to ensure and adopt a system that can ensure a proper timeline of tasks in the construction field. 

In this background, there has been ground-breaking technological software that has changed the whole dynamics of the construction industry and its function. It is the 

Building Information Modelling (BIM), a 3D software technology that enables and facilitates the functioning of all the professionals involved in the construction process to plan, design, inform, and make changes with regard to the construction site on this same singular platform. The software is so beneficial that even with a single change made by any professional, all other professionals are simultaneously informed so that there are no construction flaws due to miscommunication. 

BIM also entered India as well a long time back, however, it is yet to be visible in the working of the construction sector by the top builders. One can hardly see the application of BIM technology in the Indian construction scenario. 
There are multiple reasons why BIM is not adopted on a wide scale in the India construction process : 

  • Ignorance of the new technology - It is alarming to note that the real estate sector which employs the second largest number of people is not aware of the new upgraded technologies that have come into play in the construction sector. This is purely due to ignorance. It is crucial that those who are working in the construction field should keep themselves updated as using new BIM technology will make the working process organized, structured, and easier as well when it comes to collaboration amongst all professionals. 
  • BIM not involved in university education - While there may be institutes that teach and spread the importance of using BIM technology, there is yet to be a full-fledged course on BIM that can teach and train future architects on how to utilize this technology for architecture and construction fields. If the students are given upgraded exposure to the constant changes in the field of architecture and engineering then they can start working with the new technology right from the beginning, setting new progress for the construction field. 
  • Not much-skilled force use BIM - BIM is an elaborate technological software specially designed for architects or people who are experts in the construction field or structural engineers and many others. However, it requires ample training to know every detailed function of this software. It is imperative that architects and interior designer firm in Gurgaon promote such technological up-gradation in the construction domain to keep themselves updated and on par with the developments in the real estate sector. 
  • Regulation of Pricing -  There are quite a few firms that are taking advantage of the new BIM technology that has come into the market because of which BIM is labeled as expensive were overall the clients are shelling out a lot of money over the construction phase. The clients who are associated with such companies are completely unaware of the cost-effective approach to construction with the help of this BIM technology and how to save money by using the same. 
  • A solid policy is required - There needs to be the right policy strategy in the construction field so that there is better adoption. Many policymakers are not aware of BIM technology due to which proper functioning of the construction industry will not take place. If the policymakers are made aware and informed about BIM technology then proper guidelines will help the construction industry flourish in the Indian scenario. 

Construction occupies a very important place in the real estate field where top builders and architects are always looking for upgrades so that the functioning can become more efficient and productive and implementation takes place according to the design plan without any communication gap. 

ACad Studio is an architectural firm in Gurgaon that is founded by Aayush Chaudhary. 

He is the Principal Architect in this company who leads and guides the firm with dedication and determination. The company follows and uses BIM technology Level 2 where all the collaboration takes place at this level facilitating the construction design and implementation. 

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