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Why is BIM beneficial?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital version of the blueprints that are designed by the architects for their projects. It is a skilful work that is performed by the various professionals formulating the whole structure or area along with the dimensions that are designed very precisely. 

BIM aids the construction process of a building by processing the 3D models of building structures which makes it easier for the architects and the other professionals to work on the projects. However, BIM is far more than just 3D images where the digital representation goes beyond mapping the physical space. Rather, it keeps updating the plan as and when the changes are made. 

BIM has a special facility of data storage that plays a huge benefit for the architects. There is so much of different kinds of architectural storage that can be stored in BIM, serving as a single platform where the information can be accessed as well as edited flexibly. This information has multi-purpose as it caters to various sectors, enabling different professionals to collaborate. 

There are some dominant features that BIM possesses that make architectural work more flexible and better. Following are some of the reasons that professionals feel that it is best to use BIM technology for their work because: 

BIM enables collaboration and increases the efficiency of work – It is not just the architect who is handling a housing project or any other commercial project. There is a need for a number of officials such as structural engineers and builders to view the design plan of the home differently by using different templates. When there is any kind of work or any kind of update made through the changes in the design, all the professionals are automatically updated collectively so that they can also work their part without having any miscommunication. There is a proper team working on the BIM who need not waste energy in cross-checking their data files reducing the amount of time spent. In addition to this, it also removes the need to repeatedly visit the site as all information about the site is stored in BIM which helps the professionals take analytical action. 

BIM enables any kind of designing – A BIM database enables any kind of designing to be done for the buildings with the kind of technology it has, especially when it comes to 3D modeling. The designs are so effective that they can analyze a structure with other needs that might affect the building such as an impact of an earthquake. It simply increases the ability of the architect to be sure of their plans and designs which assures them about the course of action that is to be taken in terms of architectural practices that are to be adopted and the kind of materials to be used. 

Builds trust-based relationships with clients – What could be better than showing the clients their homes before construction in all dimensions? Clients start building trust as they get a chance to see the 3D models of their new homes by the architects where the former can visualize the house in the final stage. BIM is a special skill set that transforms the 2D information of a house into a 3D one with all parameters of designs. BIM enables reviewing the plans and designs and any need for changes that are required by the client that makes the professionals more proactive in their construction work. 

BIM enables information sharing at multiple levels – Unlike the 2D designs of the homes, BIM helps with transferring the information at once in one go. A database is there about a structure that contains all the information regarding the same which in turn helps the builder to get all the information at once about the kind of construction that is to be carried out or what kind of construction was carried out. Important information can be gathered from the BIM that helps the building managers to know everything about the home. 

Hence, this is how BIM is beneficial to all stakeholders whether it is the architects or the structural engineers, or the clients. It plays a crucial role in the field of construction, especially in a country like India where a number of projects are taken up. There should be an efficient use of resources by the professionals when they get access to BIM and have the technical skills to operate BIM. 

A company such as ACad Studio also specializes in BIM technology when it comes to planning and designing homes where they believe in catering to the clients in accordance with their needs and demands and building homes with the most advanced technology possible in the construction industry. If one is looking to build a new home or hire the services of an architect, ACad Studio is one of the best companies to visit as they guide the client about how they will present you with the best-designed plans for your homes. 

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