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Why India Should Adopt BIM?

India is a country that is quite active in the real estate business. When we say real estate business, we mean all kinds of projects across the country, from big to small. There are a lot of things that are attached to the real estate sector in India apart from just buying and selling of homes such as investment, renting and many other dimensions. 

While only a handful of players were involved in real estate in the 90s, its growth has now reached investors, developers and global stakeholders in the ever-growing construction industry in the country. Real estate is the second-largest employer in India, after agriculture. Apart from generating a high level of direct employment for many unskilled and skilled workers, it also increases the demand for supplementary industries such as paint, brick, steel, building materials and consumer durables. 

When someone is getting involved in the real estate business, one of the first aims that a person has with respect to real estate is how will he or she benefit from it or gain profit. While the monetary aspects are always there directly or indirectly, today, we will share one way to ensure that your time and investment in the real estate remains cost-effective and will be fruitful in the long term. 

There are however challenges that are involved in the construction field in India that have deterred many from investing their time and energy into the same. Some of these challenges are : 

  • Sudden changes in design without being informed 
  • Higher possibilities of error and rework 
  • Time and Work Affect Consumption 
  • Rising input costs 
  • Shortage of skilled workers and experts in the construction field 
  • Changes in construction cost estimation 
  • Lack of organisational, planned and structured work 
  • Lack of cooperation amongst various stakeholders in the construction field 
  • Low productivity and quality of work 

Hence, in this regard, Building Information Modelling(BIM) comes as an ideal solution in the field of construction and construction business. All these challenges can be tackled with one advanced technological software that helps to sort all the issues that are usually faced at the construction site. BIM also helps a lot in the planning stage which in turn optimises the implementation strategies of various stakeholders.  

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a technological software that aids the architects and other professionals such as structural engineers to plan, design and implement the construction of a building accurately as the technology gives the final look of how the structure will look like. 

Let us now see how BIM solves the above-mentioned issues: 

  • Planned Designing - BIM is an advanced 3D modelling design software, all requirements and demands are accommodated in the designing stage which is then designed onto the software. This is then shared with all the stakeholders at once as all of them are working on the same platform. The best part is that even if there is any change in design, then everyone will be informed and notified simultaneously about the design changes, doing away with the problem of miscommunication. 
  • Very Low Possibility of Errors - Since every professional involved in the construction of a building structure is involved at the BIM level, there is no form of any miscommunication. Rather whenever there are changes, all professionals are equally informed, allowing them to decide the course of future action with regard to the construction of the structure. 
  • Proper Implementation of Work - With the information being shared with all stakeholders, the time and resources are calculated before time so as to keep the client informed about accommodating the changes at the construction level. 
  • Pre-Determined Input Cost - Since the number of resources will be known with the use of BIM technology, the cost of the input resources will also be known beforehand, saving a lot of the cost to the client. 
  • Right Number of Workers - BIM technology helps in gathering information about the whole construction process like the design, resources, and cost. Since these dynamics are known about the construction, the number of people that should be involved doing the work is also known so that there is no oversupply or under-supply of workers at the construction site. 
  • Correct Estimate of Resources - Since the total number of resources required is known along with the cost, the total estimation is also known about the whole construction process which keeps both the architect and the client informed about the expenses. 
  • Planned, Organised, and Structured Working - The BIM software is such that it caters to all kinds of professional work at once related to the construction work where all the professionals are informed about the happenings in other fields, keeping them updated on every information about the construction. 
  • Coordination and Cooperation amongst all stakeholders - BIM is a kind of software specially designed for the construction sector that enables the working and cooperation amongst the professionals who are handling different work domains in the construction field. 
  • High Productivity and Quality of Work - BIM is a software that facilitates the planning, designing, and implementation in such a way that there is full coordination amongst all the professionals including the architects that yield the highest productivity in terms of efficient working in a stipulated period of time. 

Hence, India should adopt BIM that makes the construction industry progress so that all the stakeholders can work efficiently and effectively with the upgraded technology. BIM solves all the challenges that are faced by the Indian Construction Sector and because of these challenges, Indian Construction Industry has been left behind. 

ACad Studio is an architectural firm based in Gurgaon that works with BIM Technology and specializes in Level 2 of BIM. Aayush Chaudhary who is the Principal Architect of ACad Studio always ensures that all the professionals work within a stipulated period of time so that the client does not face any delay in the construction industry. His role has been crucial in bringing progress to the construction field. 

If one is looking for an efficient process of construction, then one should consult ACad Studio. 

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