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Tracing The Life Of An Architect

When a person decides to take up architecture as a profession, there are a lot of questions mind that person has regarding the field of architecture. Architecture is a field that is studied and pursued with a lot of passion, dedication, and patience. It is sometimes compared to the field of medical studies as architecture also requires a lot of investment in time and energy.

Architecture requires a five-year study period and the person who has enrolled for this professional course is always involved in the intensive coursework. After all, buildings are like a human body which needs insightful study by a future architect who wishes to plan, design and build buildings for people who will spend their lives in their houses safely and securely.

After finishing their architecture study, the person who embarks in this field needs to remember some tips that can be useful for the architects to do well in their field and climb the ladder of success in architecture:

Do not get caught up with ‘conventional firms’ – While the architects fantasize about working with the best firms and famous architects and planners, the new architects need to remember that they are the ones who are filled with new ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. It is okay to start from a firm that deals with other styles of architecture or that do not match one’s expectations of architectural work. It is always important to gain experience and practical knowledge about the field first before jumping onto the hectic work life of the best architectural firms. 

Networking is the key to success – It is usually seen that placement is not always on a college campuses there when it comes to being hired as an architect. In this regard, networking is essential and crucial in architecture as one gets a chance to interact with different minds not only dealing with architecture but also with people from allied fields of architecture. It is also better to be well-versed in the allied fields of architecture as clients also usually want multiple things from an architect.

Be unique in style and approach – A harsh fact is that architects are still not valued till they get recognized by an organization for their work. Also, it takes years to build that kind of reputation by an architect. So from the beginning, there are some points that one needs to keep in mind and pursue in action while he or she is working as an architect:

  • Voice your opinion and change in architectural plans. While one can be hesitant at first, once the person puts forward their ideas and changes that they feel can be incorporated practically in the project, he or she is appreciated for their sincere involvement and engagement

  • Be forefront at using technology. Technology is everything when it comes to designing blueprints for great buildings or developing areas and areas. For example, learning BIM (Building Information Modelling) enables an architect to utilize software to showcase the future representation of a building or an area which in turn helps in building confidence in the client and trust in the architect with regard to his or her work.

  • Adapt to sustainability in architecture. As the world is dealing with environmental problems, learn the ways and tactics to increase the scope of adding sustainability when developing structures or areas and not end up adding to global warming. In this regard, one can follow the works of famous architects and use their knowledge in one’s work or project.

Hence, the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind by an architect when it comes to leading this career in everyday life. Architecture knowledge does not end in five years. Rather, the field of architecture keeps expanding as there is always a group of mixed clients who wish both for old and new architecture along with some trends that keep dominating the architectural field. This is how an architect should lead his or her life where they can significantly contribute to the domain of architecture as well as build up their career in architecture.



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