ACad Studio designed my office space. The space was too compact for an office cabin and staff working area. Aayush managed the space very well, took care of all the requirements and did a brilliant job with interiors under my budget.

-Rajneesh Arora
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What They’re Saying About Us

“Aayush managed the interiors of my house. He welcomed all the designed concepts we had in our mind and produced a new concept catering to our needs. He managed the entire construction process and delivered on time with a very good quality. We never worried about anything during our deal.”

Ashish Saxena

“ACad Studio designed and managed the construction process of our office space. We saved a lot of time and money under their surveillance. The design was outstanding. Everytime I enter my office I feel like walking in my garden. We had a strict opening date. Aayush managed the entire site and delivered the project as planned.”

Nayan Mangla

“ACad Studio delivers what they say. It was very tough for me to imagine that construction could be controlled. We got builder floors developed by them and everything was more than satisfactory and as planned.”

Divyanshu Shastri

“ACad Studio has so many new concepts and ideas about the spaces and they always come up with new solutions to save the day. I was glad I contacted them for my house. They have a huge supply chain. It is a one stop solution for everything related to construction. I highly recommend them.”

Shikher Rastogi