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We at Acad Studio undertake architectural designs that deal with every aspect of building, right from consultation and discussion to the planning and final execution of the project. We work with full determination to ensure that every element with regard to architecture is catered to.


Acad Studio is the top architecture firm in the Gurgaon region. We deal with wide-ranging services of architecture design and interior design to our clients. We use the latest architecture technology, known as BIM(building information modeling). We aid in the process of architecture and construction work with this technological platform to deliver the best results through our top architects based out of the Gurgaon region. We cater to our client base with the best trendsetters of the time; interior designing gives a glimpse of what and how we offer.



The Acad Studio is a leading top architecture firm in Gurgaon offering Residential architecture, commercial architecture, and interior designing services for various sectors such as residential architecture, commercial architecture, corporate architecture, industrial architecture, retail architecture, and hospitality architecture. Our team of architects top in the list of architects in Gurgaon and designers work in a dedicated and determined manner where we use with following our client's vision and demand. 

Being an architecture firm based in Gurgaon with the best architects in Gurgaon, we strive to absorb the client's requirements following the architecture needs of a particular sector. Every industry has its own set of interior design parameters, where we strategize a plan with the latest technology of Building Information Modelling(BIM). BIM helps the entire team of architects and interior designers to work on a single platform for the architecture services and interior designing services. 

As the whole team of architects comes together in our architecture firm to work for a client, we choose to execute a course of action that imparts 360 architectural services and interior designing services. We take great pride in delivering architectural and design solutions that match our client's vision with the best architecture services.


The founder of Acad Studio, Aayush Chaudhary, has pursued his education in architecture with a construction management specialization. He has now made it a part of the functioning of his architecture firm in Gurgaon. While he was studying, he had always envisioned to guide the construction sector in the architecture field with a vision of progressing towards better construction management within the overall architectural services.


Construction in India is still an area with loopholes which occur mostly due to the mismanagement and lack of communication. Concerning this problem in the architecture and construction field, Acad Studio, as an architecture firm, strives to solve the Indian Construction Industry's issues by adopting and adapting a work process that keeps both the client and the company informed. This will hasten a proper and systematic course of action in the function of the architecture firm. 

 Acad Studio offers majorly four overall architecture services – Architecture and Design Services, Building Information Modelling, Project Management, and Earned Value Management. 

It becomes extremely crucial to understand such services very comprehensively. These four services can all be used together in a timeline sequence or available separately by the architects in Gurgaon.  

The main aim behind the architecture services offered by us is to ensure the correct implementation of the project work of a building project's architectural designs. We have gone one step further of integrating technology with our work, where planning, designing, construction, and interiors are all done in sync with all professionals with BIM Technology. The advantage of working in such a manner is that no task is an isolated task when it comes to architecture, construction, and design phases of a building. All are interrelated and interdependent. 

With the four different architecture services offered by Acad Studio, we wish to work with our clients by understanding their requirements, their thought process, their needs, and their budget to deliver a holistic architectural solution. We know that every client is different, and we believe in catering to our clients' distinct demands, which fulfills their requirements and helps us expand the portfolio of our architecture and design services.


Acad Studio is an architecture company based in Gurgaon, which is led by Aayush Chaudhary. He leads a team of the best architects in Gurgaon, where young and dynamic architects work together. It is a company that functions by the expert architecture knowledge complemented by relevant experience. Architects of Acad Studio come from good architecture backgrounds where they all give their inputs to a project's working strategy. From residential architecture to commercial architecture, they know it all.


We have worked in several sectors concerning the architecture field - corporate, commercial, real estate, and residential. We have been a receptive and responsive architecture firm to every industry that we workaround. We have ensured our work with a thorough planning and bold execution of the design ideas and construction work. The upgraded BIM technology in architecture has facilitated the smooth functioning of the construction industry and has helped the company deal with diverse issues of the architectural and construction fields. 

We work meticulously on our architectural solutions that are crafted for every client differently based on the client's needs. The works and our clients' testimony speak for our architecture firm's work and legacy. We have dealt with diverse sectors ranging from large scale projects to small and medium-size projects.

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