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Creating simple, grand, and luxurious designs is our specialty. We provide extraordinary and unique designs to our valuable clients who wish to live in high standards.  Your projects are in safe hands as Acad Studio has experienced and hardworking Interior Designers and Architects to guide you with all details.

We at Acad Studio serve our clients with the best design for their places. The client requirements are key factors to provide the best results. Before switching on to the design selection, we understand what our client wants; we study the style and lifestyle of the client so that we deliver them what they want. For that, we work until and unless the clients are satisfied with our work. The Design process is a back and forth process, where we create our designs, discuss with the clients and work on the feedback till we reach optimum satisfaction.

After being approved the construction process begins, in which regular site visits, meeting with clients, and other related works are done to keep a check on the design carries the same specification. Giving minute details of the site to the client is our major concern so that after completion of design they enjoy their living in a luxurious place. Our main focus is on providing adequate outputs to our service taker.



We build and design from simple to complex architecture structures covering the finest details to give an iconic and unique set of design and construction. Acad Studio constructs and designs remarkable buildings and properties in order to assure comfort and classy living.

Every project is handled and surveyed by an experienced team of architects and designers who are trained in their specified roles. The Acad Studio owns a great team of professionals from Architects, Structural Engineers, and interior experts. The principal Architect Aayush Chaudhary believes in pre-planning. Before indulging in the process of build and design he plans the entire schedule to deliver the best work on time. The ACad Studio follows strict timelines. The building process of the project includes the site work, construction of the building, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work. All are done by the experienced who are serving the Acad team from past years back. You deal with one point contract rather than commencing with many contractors. All projects are contract-driven. Everything regarding the contract which includes materials, mixes, and tasks is done before signing the contract with the contractors. 

The Acad Studio delivers the best services and the most important point to highlight of the Acad team is the client dealing which is done by the experts here. The team provides minute-to-minute information to clients regarding their work on sites which assures transparency with them. Our motto is to serve our clients with the best and make them happy and satisfied.


Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

Project management applies knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to lead activities in the Architectural firms in Gurgaon that will help form a timeline in the work process.

The primary objective of Project Management is to manage the work schedule along with the budget expenditure. Construction is a complicated process where going over budget and beyond the date of completion is a common practice. 

Project Management is about tracking performance against agreed plans and taking corrective action to deliver project objectives.

Project management by Acad Studio helps in maintaining the project budget and schedule. You can graphically see the current situation and future trends of your project with our expertise.

ACad Studio provides a complete range of Project Management and Project Control services from inception to completion or partial use, which might be anything from providing an initial construction plan to providing comprehensive management of your project.



Building Information Modeling (BIM) is technological software that aids architects in Gurgaon and other professionals such as structural engineers to plan, design, and implement the construction of a building accurately as the technology gives the final look of how the structure will look.

BIM services aid the construction process of a building by processing the 3D BIM modeling of building structures which makes it easier for Interior Designers in Gurgaon and other professionals to work on the projects. However, architectural BIM services are far more than just 3D images where the digital representation goes beyond mapping the physical space. Instead, it keeps updating the plan as and when the changes happen to take place.

In the end, BIM is a competitive technology that has made Architecture firms in Gurgaon and Interior Design work much more efficiently and properly with all the details now being available to everyone to carry out all sorts of work.



Acad studio, the top Interior Designers in Gurgaon provides you with the best interior designing services. We provide various design layouts for the different areas of your house and office. The various areas of the house included in our services are living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining area, even bathroom, and office area covers the cabins for the heads, employee working area, reception, cafeteria, lounge area, etc.

We at Acad Studio take into consideration the Theme-based designs which we can work around for better understanding and appealing setup.

We Architecture firms in Gurgaon, make sure to have a smooth, whipped, and crystal clear workflow combined with work ethics that are followed by all. From, the bedroom interior designing to the living room designing everything is very systematically and impeccably carried out by the team of expert architects and designers at Acad Studio.

Floor planning, laying out furniture setups and having the feel of the whole place all together makes it easier for the designers and architects to work.

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