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Reflecting on the Modern Architectural Marvels of the World

When we are traveling around the world, one of the ‘to-do lists’ is to visit the site of architectural marvels to gauge the essence of those buildings and the thought process with which those buildings were structured.

While they are a visual delight for any person visiting the site, the curiosity level increases when one discovers the unique and interesting facts about the architectural marvels. What is even more intriguing is how such complex solid structures were established in historical periods when there were no proper technology developments to support the construction sector.

Following are some of the architectural marvels which have showcased some of the elements of architectural excellence which makes it a fun experience to read up on these structures and also create a desire to visit these places whenever given a chance:

Burj Khalifa – This structure beats all other buildings regarding heights in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It holds the world record of being the tallest building in the world where it comprises and boasts of the:

  • Highest residence

  • Highest restaurant

  • Taller than Eiffel Tower also

  • The highest number of floors

  • Construction efforts went on for 6 years

  • Aluminium used for building weighs 5 Airbus A380 airliners

  • Exterior silver coating for improved insulation

  • The shape is inspired by traditional Islamic architecture and resembles the flower of Spider Lily that is available all across the UAE

Sydney Opera House – This UNESCO World Heritage Building is famous for its distinctive shape that overlooks the coast of Sydney. It is a multi-purpose performing arts venue in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The salient feature of this structure are :

  • Took 14 years to complete the construction

  • There was a competition to design this building and Jorn Utzon of Denmark won the competition with his design. However, he later resigned due to non-payment by the local government of Australia

  • The temperature inside the house is precisely set at 22.5-degrees Celcius

  •  A million tiles from Swedish Company Hogonas are put up inside the building

  • 7 different venues are there in the same building

  • It is so massive that it has 1000 rooms

  • Declared the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ in 2007

Petronas Twin Towers – This skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the tallest twin tower where the inspiration of architecture is from Islamic Art. Some of the interesting features of this structure are :

  • Consists of 88 floors

  • Had the tallest building status from 1998 to 2004

  • Took 6 years to construct

  • Built With 590,000 Square Feet Of Laminated Glass

  • It is disaster management resilient when it comes to hurricane

30 St. Mary Axe – This structure is located in the heart of London known for its uniquely shaped building and as an eco-friendly skyscraper. It is curvilinear in shape and it is mainly built of glass and steel. Some of the interesting features of this structure are :

  • Known by its nickname – ‘Gherkin’

  • One of the widely recognizable contemporary architecture of London city

  • The shape of the tower is influenced by the physical environment of the city

  • Has a glass facade with diamond-shaped panels

  • Has a dramatic entrance

  • Each floor rotates five degrees from the one below

Hence, these are some of the world’s architectural marvels that have set new standards for architects all around the world where they add an extra edge to the formation of the building as well as in its look and feel of it. Such structures always inspire the architects to believe in themselves and their crazy ideas so that in the future, they can also work on unique themes that will set the architectural structure apart. 


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