Dressing Room Interior Design


Project: Melora Location: Tatvam Villas, Sector 48 Area: 7650 sq. ft. Project Details Idea:Embarking on a captivating journey, this three-story home harmoniously accommodates a family of five. Merging opulence with functionality, the project captivates with its distinct charm. The outcome is a space seamlessly blending comfort and luxury, fulfilling the family’s lavish desires with an […]

A wooden wall with green grass growing at its base

The Wooden Harmony

Project: The Wooden Harmony Location: Golf Course Road Area: 3000 sq. ft. Project Details IDEA OFFICE INTERIOR DESIGNERS IN GURGAON      WHAT IS THE WOODEN HARMONY PROJECT?   Wooden Harmony is a very unique project that we handled where we had a task to design a commercial Interior Design in Gurgaon in the basement that catered to four different companies. […]

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