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Embark on a journey shaping the future of architecture with our published magazine on wfmmedia.com. Uncover groundbreaking insights, visionary designs, and trends that redefine the architectural landscape. Join us at the forefront of innovation and excellence in every edition as we lead the way into the dynamic world of architecture. we spotlight the top architecture firms revolutionizing the industry. 

Interior Company in Gurgaon
Following the Norm of Social Distancing at Retail Stores

Covid-19 has greatly impacted our lives and transformed the way we live. In the time when the world has a new definition of ‘Normal’, various businesses too have planned to define new strategies that can help them outdo the limitations and enable them adapt to the changing dynamics.

Interior Company in Gurgaon
(Duplex)² featured at Rethinking the Future

Set in beautiful surroundings this elegant home is the perfect blend of modern luxury and rustic charm with a classical touch of architecture, we have named thisc (Duplex)². This beautiful house is located at Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

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Transforming The Interiors of Towering Esse

The challenge was to transform an existing shell of a penthouse into a luxurious home for a family of three. The challenge was to provide a luxurious feel to the house with seamless and elegant design under a given budget.

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Evolving an All-Round Solution for Construction Sector

Spearheaded by Aayush Chaudhary and his father Ravi Chaudhary, Gurugram-based ACad Studio is a construction consultancy firm that leverages technology to solve mismanagement in the real estate and construction industry.

Construction Company in Gurgaon
The Menace of Gentrification: Forming a burden on existing resources

Despite various positive characteristics of gentrification, there are certain negative aspects of the process as well. First and foremost, it leads to an increase in the population, 

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The Transformation of a mundance space into a an enjoyable co-working space

The challenge was to create an office in the basement, which will cater 4 different companies but should look like one big company’s office. The challenge was to segregate the space.

Acad Studio Pvt. Ltd.
Discussion on Safe Façade Designs and Choice of Cladding Materials

Watch a LIVE Debate by the experts on “Safe #FacadeDesign & Choice of Cladding Materials: Earthquake/Wind/Rain/ fire resistant Facades” – sponsored by FunderMax India. 

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Sustaining the functioning of our architectural firm even during the Pandemic

A graduate in Architecture from Sushant school of Art and Architecture and a Master’s in Construction Management from City University of London, Aayush has handled prestigious architectural projects in London.

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ACad Studio is an architectural firm which provides the best solutions in all formats. The Studio comprises young, passionate and self-motivated architects, interior designers, contractors, site/project managers and developers.
Construction Consultancy Firms
Uplifting the Standards of Construction Industry

Aayush Chaudhary: I am the founder and Principal Architect at ACad Studio. ACad Studio is a construction consultancy firm. We provide services like: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Construction Project Management, BIM and Turnkey Solutions.

Construction Company in Gurgaon
Fostering the sustainable architecture with zero-waste system

Designing zero-waste systems is the need of an hour for a sustainable future. The more reuse of the resources can help stop the climate change. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or ocean.

architectural Firm in Gurgaon
5 Key Architectural Trends For Every Budding Entrepreneur

Holding a Masters in Construction Management from the University of London, Aayush held the role of Head Architect at Creative Constructs, and even incepted Spacemould, prior to joining ACad in 2018

Construction Consultancy Firms
Transform your Boring Basement into a Beautiful Co-Work Office Space : SAWDUST

The challenge for the architect at ACad Studio, Gurugram was to create an office in the basement, which will cater 4 different companies but should look like one big company’s office.

Architects in Gurgaon
Learn more about the business of architecture and construction management

Dive into the world of architecture and construction management with our magazine. Gain invaluable insights into the business aspects of these dynamic fields. Explore expert perspectives, industry trends, and innovative strategies.

Architects in Gurgaon
Smart city development; Aayush Chaudhary, ACad Studio : SAWDUST

‘Designing the city’s skyline or playing with the urban fabric of the city are totally designer’s calls, but one should not forget how this will affect the entire city’s functionality’, says Aayush Chaudhary, ACad Studio on the the role of Architecture & Interior design in Smart city development

Interior Company in Gurgaon
Glass For Fenestration & Cladding

Glass is a versatile material that has been used in architecture for a long time. It is due to its transparency that glass is used in spaces to create partitions without barriers. It can connect the places without the use of concrete and bricks and also let light pass through. This helps the colours and the design to show, 

Acad Studio Pvt. Ltd.
Sustainable Buildings-Role Of Fascades

Façades play an important role in regulating natural heat generated by the sun. Sustainable façades can be defined as elevation designs that promote the use of green materials and conserve energy. Sustainable façades reduce the energy consumption of buildings, ensure thermal comfort, visual effect, and acoustic, and improve air quality.  generations.

Architects in Gurgaon
The Daily Guardian Authored Article

We must emphasize on developing smart cities that are sustainable, effective, and livable since cities in India continues to expand rapidly. The contribution of architectural and interior design to the physical environment of these cities is an essential component of this initiative.

Any urban development project must include both architecture and interior design. 

Interior Designers in Gurgaon
Media Query - Hindustan Times

Psychology of space and design is a dynamic field with far-reaching implications for architecture, interior design, urban planning and beyond. Know more here
Exploring the psychology of space and how design shapes human behaviour is a fascinating topic that delves into the intersection of psychology, architecture and design.

Construction Consultancy Firms
Times Property- Authored Article

Creating spaces that spark ideas and encourage tranquillity and wellness certainly requires a lot of work. But guess what? That’s worth it because it can positively transform our daily lives. Since we spend most of our time indoors – office, home etc., our environment profoundly impacts our emotions, moods, actions, and behaviour.

Architects in Gurgaon
Indian Express- Industry Story

“When it comes to incorporating architecture and interior design elements for Ganesh Chaturthi, you can create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment that complements the spiritual significance of the festival,” said Aayush Chaudhary, 

Interior Designers in Gurgaon
Media Query- News 18- Listicle Opportunity

Festive season is the most cheerful season in India and festivities not only mark the coming together of families and friends, but also a lot of good food, gifts and décor. Get ready to infuse your home with festive charm! As the holiday season approaches,

Architects in Gurgaon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed across diverse industries and sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, and education. However, its impact on architecture and design remains uncertain. There is a pressing need to comprehend how AI will influence collaborative efforts, communication, and creativity among architects and designers.

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