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Hiring The best Architectural Firm in India

Infrastructure plays a very important role in the lives of people, whether residential architecture or commercial architecture. Each sector has its own needs. While in the residential sector, people wish to have a beautiful home interior design that represents their sense of ideology of lifestyle whereas, in the commercial sector, the design and construction would have to be done in accordance with the architectural needs of the building and the professions. 

This becomes possible when the services of the architects or Architecture firms in Gurgaon are hired. The team then works on the vision of the client and implements a course of action. For every sector, there is a well laid out plan that will chart the whole course of action of how the work is to be done by the team of architects. 

There is a lot of behind the scene work that goes on while ensuring to bring out the Interior Design idea of a building structure in place. With such a cumulative process in work, the team usually works with the best software technology that helps them make their process of work seamless. 

There are quite a few important services that architects or/and Architectural firms in Delhi NCR are involved in. This incorporates the latest technology at work as well that aids in the making of the new building structure. 

One of the most important architectural services that are being implemented in the field of Architecture and Interior Design is CAD Services. 


CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design which basically makes use of software that helps multiple stakeholders to use the platform at once efficiently. Numerous professionals from Architects and Interior Designers to structural engineers are involved in the planning, design and construction of homes. Earlier, the designs were made by hand for new homes which would be a long and laborious process. The problem would lie when the client would want changes in it which the CAD system solves with its technology. The CAD helps the Architectural firm to work out different ideas and plans for various building projects in a short span of time. 


In simple words, it could be said that any architectural work done on computer technology would mean CAD services. The latest software that is there in the architecture industry is BIM – Building Information Modelling that caters to the function of planning, drafting, designing, estimating and implementation till the final construction stage. BIM has already entered the Indian market and is being used by numerous clients so as to help both the architect and the client know about the current and future course of action well in advance. Even if any changes are required to make, it can easily be made where other stakeholders would be informed simultaneously on the software system. 


There are generally two types of CAD that are available in the market: 

  • 2D Modelling - 2D Modelling helps the user to create basic 2D layouts that serve as the basis for the complex foundation of the buildings such as the floor plans. 
  • 3D Modelling - 3D Modelling eases the above process by making every design and diagram 3D that makes the designs real life-like designs. It makes the client understand better as to how the building structure will turn out to be in the final stage. 


CAD drastically reduces the time and labour of the team of architects and other professionals. The CAD system helps in formulating the construction and designing plan right from concept creation to completion. The computer technology helps in doing away with the traditional methods of drafting, designing and delivery of the project. Like any other profession, the architecture field has also gone digital with the use of computer technology in formulating the theme and layout of the action plan of the construction of a building. 

Hence, CAD service is one of the technological leaps that has been made in the field of architecture and design. It has made the professional lives of architects much easier and made the understanding of the project by the client better as they now can know what the building structure will look like. 

If one wants to avail the CAD system in the architectural field, then one must head to or contact the company of Acad Studio headed by Aayush Chaudhary, the Principal Architect of ACad Studio. They are an architectural firm in Gurgaon where they render CAD services, particularly specialising in BIM Level 2 for all types of residential and commercial projects. The team works efficiently within a stipulated time and ensures that their client receives the best services. 

By ACAD STUDIO – Best Architectural Firm in Gurgaon

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