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Difference Between Interior Architecture From Interior Design

How is interior architecture different from interior design? 

Interiors showcase and reflect not just comfort, vibe or set up for an ambience but also, interiors have always been a massive reason for settling into a space that needs a transformation or the one with impeccable decoration. Commendable interior design seems to top in all those aspects of classiness, elegance, convenience, productivity, frugality, sturdiness and shelter. Any interior comes up with the best execution when the artistry of the Interior designers teams up with that of the technology. However, if seen through a vivid notion of existential industry, the new need has turned from interior design to interior architecture that needs to be satisfactory at all the times. 

There are many justified reasons for how Interior design differs from Interior architecture like;- 

  • SITE PLANS – Both interior design and interior architecture varies through their process of site planning, which is the foremost step of setting up a place with creative and avid brainstorming sessions. When we talk about Interior architecture as a broad term, we mean to diversify the aesthetics of the area by conceptualizing and planning of edifice’s interiors by placidly blending the architectural features with the scheme of the formed space. Whereas, in Interior design, the realization of what can go as per the space requirement is serviceable via processes of planning decor and interiors specification.  
  • SELECTIONS – Some selections vary through both Interior Design and Interior Architecture. Wherein, the interior architects find out spaces for and work around the Building area selections for segment-wise architecture, the interior designers on the other side lookout for soft goods selections and Furniture selections for the area. Interior design is more to do with space supervision, and aesthetic appeal of the interiors post the structure turns visionary.  

Interior Architecture combines compositional and mechanical aspects of an interior space keeping the consistency in and imagination for the place in mind. The technological elements include supply, plumbing, electricals, ventilation, amongst other items. On the opposite, Interior Design involves enhancing an interior space’s functionality while creating a visually appealing ambience for the user that achieves ingenious use of architectural elements along with improvements and smooth furnishings. 

The consequence would still oblige a valuable measure of styling and decor co-operations; advancing both functionalities, as well as tasteful appeal, would be of utmost value. That’s precisely how interior architects function. 

Both interior design services and interior architecture services are intimately related, are part of the related industry, and are within the identical niche. 


Interior architects can gut or strip the inside of an existing structure and then rebuild it to modify a different purpose. The construction may retain its current exterior design; the transformation of its Interior may be a thing of great beauty. That’s what reflects as adaptive reuse of a building’s casing. Interior designers can produce domestic and industrial design services while some in specific interior design recesses can do plans that comprise uncomplicated investment projects like resorts, offices, and restaurants. The recreational perspective of interior design takes a halt here for the uniqueness to take over.  

One can say that interior design is art and interior architecture is both the art and science of designing a space with a touch of vitality.  

Interior architecture and interior design lie in a similar industries and still have differences like no other to conquer their specialized sectors and make a difference in many ways to a given space. 

We at Acad studio in Gurgaon make sure that you experience the magic of the two uniting one and creating something inexorable for you and your existential spaces. Looking for experiences like these to transform your space then you know where to find us.  

Author: ACad Studio Pvt. Ltd.

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