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The Architects in Gurgaon aims to rule the world through their designs and making the people realize the worth of the designs.  

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Acad Studio is an Award-Winning architecture and interior design firm in Gurgaon, imparting a whole range of architectural services. Being in the architecture and construction industry for numerous years, we strive to lead our team to higher zeniths where we wish to set a bar in the architecture domain. As an architecture company, we formulate a unique solution for every client where we work upon the ideas that our client wishes the space to transform.

We conceptualize and build interior and exterior spaces for all kinds of sectors delivering unique architectural solutions to our clients. We impart our services in all stages, whether individually or as a complete structural, construction, and Online Interior Design Services.

Acad Studio works with every kind of space in each sector concerning architectural designs. Every industry has its requirements that they wish to fulfill along with some innovative spatial designs. However, our main objective is to make a luxury Interior Design space enlivened with our customized architecture designs while staying true to the functional needs of a sector.

We understand that there are particular aspirations of how space can transform within a specific budget. We do not see budget as a limitation but rather as a clue that helps us to understand your service requirement needed from our Interior Designing companies. Our Architects in Gurgaon and Interior Designer believes in working along with the client. With creative ideations, we strive to make a space that stands distinctive, concerning similar areas in the same sector.

Acad Studio has expertise with experience interior architects who are led by the Principal Architect, Aayush Chaudhary. He leads the team with his vision that witnesses the exposure that he has received from his work experience. Before venturing into his entrepreneurial journey, he has imbibed the whole working process and logistics of an architecture firm. Having the zeal to start his venture, he combined his learning and work experience with the objectives that he wished his architecture firm to attain.

The team of architects and other professionals form the backbone of this multinational architecture firm of Gurgaon. All the employees are dedicated and determined in their work at Acad Studio. Our team is full of talented employees who put in their wholehearted efforts to make the company stand out from the rest of the other architectural firms in Gurgaon.

Over the last 15 years, Acad Studio has delivered projects of all types and magnitudes. Aayush Chaudhary has graduated from the Sushant School of Art and Architecture and also finished his post-graduation from the City University of London with a specialization in Construction Management. He has guided the team of Acad Studio with his mission, vision, and values in planning and management in the fields of architecture, designing, and construction.


Legacy of Acad Studio

We had started our journey in the real estate sector, but gradually we understood our inclination towards the professional fields of architecture and interior design. With our aim, we endeavored to rise above in our professional journey. The Principal Architect, Aayush Chaudhary, was determined to now take forward the company into a sphere where the latest technologies and practices of architecture and construction were soon to be adapted and adopted in the Indian architecture and construction industry.

For numerous years, being in this industry has fostered our architecture firm to build an architecture brand in Gurgaon. Our teams of Top architects in Gurgaon and interior designers in Gurgaon fulfill clients' requirements to make a strategy, design with functional solutions and execute it accurately. We work to convert ideas into a vision through our team support, dedication, experience, commitment, and knowledge.



29 Jun 2021


National Business & Service Leadership Award 2021

Nominated for National Business & Service Leadership Award 2021

27 Jan 2021


Top 30 Under 30 Architectural & Interior Design Category

Nominated for Top 30 Under 30 Architectural & Interior Design Category


27 Jan 2021

11 Jan 2021


National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2021

Won this Precious award 

7 Jan 2021


Pride of Bharat award 2021

Won this Award


7 Jan 2021


26 Dec 2020


National Business Leadership and Service Excellence Awards, 2020

Won this Precious award 

10 Dec 2020


India's Fastest Growing Brands & Leaders 2020-21

Nominated for India's Fastest Growing Brands & Leaders 2020-21


10 Dec 2020

24 Sep 2020




27 Jul 2020


AsiaOne Young Asian Entrepreneurs 2019-20

Nominated for AsiaOne Young Asian Entrepreneurs 2019-20


27 Jul 2020


19 Oct 2019


National Quality Service Excellence Awards 2019

Nominated for National Quality Service Excellence Awards 2019


Leadership Team



    The Principal Architect Aayush Chaudhary who is the founder of ACad Studios and leads the company with a positive attitude. He has done his studies in the field of Architect from Gurgaon and London. He has worked for various firms in Architecture Industry. He is the only architect who is working on the 3rd level of BIM technology whereas many of them don’t even know the importance of BIM.

    He has been awarded from the college level for various competitions and still, the awardees list is increasing. It was a great pleasure and proud moment that he won the “pride of Bharat Award 2021”, “Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Award & conference 2021” and “Nation Wide Awards Under 30.” It’s because of his hard work that Acad Studio has become the award-winning Architecture firm in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.





    The Managing Director of ACad Studios Mr. Ravi Chaudhary who is the best in his field of interest. He has done his graduation with a “Bachelors of Science.” He has experienced tremendous fields in his journey of life. He has experience of 30 years in the field of construction and trade. This man can be considered as an all-rounder in every aspect.



    Senior Designer

    Our Senior Designer Azhar Khan is the first person to join the Acad Studio whose in-depth knowledge of architecture and design plays a crucial role in the success of our firm. He is an experienced professional who looks into the minute detailing of architectural building designs. He quickly provides solutions to client’s problems. We are pleased to have him onboard with us.


    Senior Architect

    Vaishali Kumari embarked her journey at ACad Studio in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. With her outstanding performance, she has outshined herself in her field of work. She is our Senior Architect who handles client projects from the initial phase to the final stage.

    Her work involves the spatial design of interior and architecture. Apart from the designing process, she has in-depth technical knowledge of BIM. Because of her quick learning abilities, we have seen an immense progress in her work. We are thrilled to have her in our family.


    Senior Project Manager

    We introduce you to our Senior Project Manager of Acad Studio Anuj Parashar who has impressed everyone with his leadership qualities and commitment towards his work. He rejuvenates the entire company mood with his positive attitude.
    He is an expert in technical skills like Quantification of the entire process of construction and management of work. He is a person who can handle each project and client with utter attention. He believes in the teamwork spirit. One of his milestone achievements was that he managed to construct and handover 200 flats in 9 months. We are blessed to have Mr. Anuj Parashar as our promising member of a family.


    Senior 3D Visualizer

    Senior 3D Visualizer of Acad Studio makes the client’s dreams come true into a 3D form. The Visualization effect he puts in the designs make the clients overwhelmed. His render designs of the building leaves a footmark of his work on the viewer’s mind. He has a good amount of experience in his professional world of designing.


    Senior Marketing Head

    Here we introduce you to the person behind the marketing strategies of Acad Studio Pooja Sharma. She is an expert in handling all marketing activities to take the business to the top level.
    She shared a little struggle story behind her successful 4 year of experience to inspire. She is very cheerful team leader with background digital star team. We are bliss to have her as a Senior Marketing Head.


    Senior Structural Engineer

    Saba Khanam, the Senior Structural Engineer of ACad Studio, handles the most important factor "the safety measures" while setting-up the building infrastructure . From designing the Foundation to the Superstructure of the building is done by her.
    she takes excessive care of all the minute details of every project to make the structure of the building stays strong. She is committed to her work and has a high comprehensive ability to learn new things. It was a great opportunity to make her a part of the team.


    Digital Marketing Executive

    Our Digital Marketing Executive, a person who works on Brand Building & Recognition on digital platforms and Content Creation. She tackles the problems very efficiently and comes up with possible solutions. She has made us proud with her sincerity and punctuality at work. It is a pleasure to have her in Acad Studio team.


    Site Engineer

    Deepak Anjna, the person who governs accounts, purchase distribution, stores, and other site-related work. He shares an excellent journey of 2 years as a site engineer. He owns leadership and hardworking quality. He knows how to execute plans for the assigned projects. The number of sites he has worked on is 2.

    We are blessed to have him in the ACad family.


    Site Engineer

    Introducing you with the master of multi-tasking skills Jai, Apart from site engineer he is a bill engineer as well as a quality engineer. During his remarkable journey of 2.5 years, he has handled 97 projects.

    He is famous in the firm for his friendly nature and sincerity in his work. Everyone praised his sense of handling responsibilities. He has worked on 67 sites to date, due to his marvelous management skills. We please to have him as a part of ACad Studio.

    Rahul KUMAR

    Site Engineer

    Let’s meet Rahul, site Engineer of ACad Studio. His personality highlights the enthusiasm, dedication, and sincerity in work. He has experience of 4 years and to date, he has handled work on 35 sites. He keeps a regular check on work progress and even involved himself in the planning of projects. He has handled projects in both the residential and commercial sectors. This was a great experience working with him.

    Govind Kashyap

    Graphic Design Intern

    Get inspired yourself with our Graphic Designer Intern, Mr. Govind Kashyap. His illustration skills are just marvelous. He believes that teamwork and perfection are a must in work to get positive results. He designs graphics related to interior Design for acad studio.

    He has amazed us with his good experiences. He shares excellent social media promotion skills via Graphic Design. He is dedicated to his work; in addition to it, he is a career-oriented person. We please to have him in ACad Studio.

    Ravinder Kumar

    Site Contractor

    We introduce you to the very calm and positive personality of ACad Studio, Mr. Ravinder Kumar. He shares 10 years of experience in the field of construction. In his journey, he has worked on plenty of projects and handled many of the sites. His work specialty includes structure planning and Staff management. He delivers quality work and assure the quality of materials. He is a lead contractor who handles every situation very professionally.

    According to him, “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.” This is his vision of working. We feel very excited to have him as a contractor in an acad family