Sector 72, Gurgaon

Project Name

TATA Primanti




An absolute delight of a project, this residence for a joint family with four floors and their lavish and practical requirements made it extremely interesting and unique, the upshot especially, came out in ways that one always finds comfortable and luxurious. 


The client wanted grand but simple; luxury, minimalism, and a lot of room that did not already exist. The existing rooms were tiny, the internal connectivity of the place wasn't very appealing and to accommodate requirements like adding a pooja room and green spaces, the entire layout had to be replanned.  

The Design Process  

A lot of the initial time during design went into demolishing old and building new walls, new rooms, a revised internal circulation including the lift and the staircase to not only increase the sizes but also the functionality of the spaces.  

The final structure that came out was a four-floored house with the ground, first and second floors, and a basement, all catering to different users as per the client's requirement. The ground floor was catered as a semi-private area, with a living room, dining room, kitchen and lobby. The first floor was planned to have one master bedroom, the mother's room, and a pooja room. The second floor houses another master bed, the kids' room and a well-designed terrace. Lastly, the basement has a lounge and bar area attached to another bedroom.  

Once the structure was done, we came down to the interiors, we pretty much had a free hand on designing as the client brief was very broad. Our idea was to have spaces that would be immensely comfortable and cozy, but in ways, it's not overcrowded or bulky. We used minimalist interiors with a lot of wall treatments and paneling that would complement our vision of the spaces that were huge and breathy.  

Although the overall theme/concept remained the same for the entire house, each room had its individuality, be based on color, material, or furnishing. Each bedroom follows a different color contrast, brown-beige, stone claddings, and light furniture. The mother's room followed alternate rhythms followed in the color patterns of the walls and furniture. The kids' room had a range of colors, making it playful and creating an energetic aura around it, with furniture very modern and a hint of moldings every here and there. 

The living and dining areas are done in a scene of grey and white with brown that runs throughout the house. A huge marble panel has been accommodated to add to the grace of the space. The wall panels in the dining area have been incorporated with a lot of metallic elements and to complement that, sea green chair with very modern understanding are added to the table.  

The basement stands tall with the idea of creating a man cave, with a luxurious bar and a breathy lounge. The ceiling is donned with metallic elements whereas the bar has been kept pretty raw using eccentric colors.  The bedroom is partitioned by the living room with a central partition of a rotating tv unit shared by both spaces. The Residence Showcases remarkable architectural services in Gurgaon. 

This residence showcases remarkable architectural services in Gurgaon, resulting in a truly unique and meticulously designed space. The emphasis on thoughtful architectural elements and design choices reflects our commitment to ensuring the utmost client satisfaction.


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