Golf Course Road

Project Name

Oyo Townhouse


1500 Sq. Ft.




We got this remarkable project from the famous company, Oyo where we were given the task to make numerous rooms for a guest house that had the amenities of a 3-star hotel. We were delighted to take up this responsibility and make our contribution to the functioning and business of Oyo Rooms. 


The challenge was to create a guest house with all the amenities of a 3-star hotel on 500 sq yards of the plot. The challenge was to maximize the number of rooms so as to generate a great ROI for the client while maintaining the standards of a 3-star hotel. Another challenge was to incorporate the façade details provided by the client in the design to standardize their guest houses. 

We had the overall challenge to make designs and implement those designs so that we are able to match up with the Oyo Standards. With regard to spatial and Interior Design Style also, we had to design accordingly staying true to the Oyo vision and guidelines. 


The idea was to maximize the number of rooms in the buildings. We had designed the Oyo guest house in such a way that the rooms will be set in the middle of the building and the reception would be positioned on the ground floor. The Modular Kitchen Interior Design was supposed to be stationed at the back of the guest house. The entire public spaces were positioned on the ground floor and the upper floors had all the rooms where the guests were supposed to stay. 


 A central opening was created from the first floor to the fourth floor to gain light in the corridors and create a courtyard feel in the guest house. The rooms and bathroom sizes were having sufficient space to create wardrobes and a seating area it. Four rooms were made spacious in size that served as the suit rooms. There were other hotel amenities for which we had to design and make the spaces. In addition to it, a provision of fresh air in each room was there and the Bathroom Designs Interior was provided with a huge exhaust fan. Other services like DG, electrical panels, solar panels, etc. were provided on the terrace, which was made to absorb most of the vibrations. 

Amateur graffiti was done by the luxury Interior Designers on the wall depicting the scene of the function in space. This was done to create a lively environment in the corridors and cafeteria. Modular furniture was put out, which was used in all the guest rooms with wooden flooring to provide a luxurious feel to the guests. 

 The façade was carefully created following the theme given by the company, using red, gray, and black combinations all around. The purpose of using red was to highlight the building from a distance, which would attract more guests. Each room was provided with a balcony, as the location of the guest house was very prime and the entire city skyline could be seen from the balcony itself. Storage and other utilities were taken care of as well in the hotel. 


Apart from the guest house interior design work, ACad Studio , an Interior Design Company in Gurgaon provides a complete range of architectural services and Interior design services  from inception to completion or a partial service which could be availed in any and every kind of service we impart such as architectural work, construction process, and design. 

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