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We at Acad Studio undertake architectural designs that deal with every aspect of building, right from consultation and discussion to the planning and final execution of the project. We work with full determination to ensure that every element with regard to architecture is catered to.

We understand your requirements and hence we believe in the philosophy of ‘Form Follow Function’ where we design spaces that are not only in accordance with your vision but also enabling its functionality. ACad is passionate in dealing with the complexity of the smallest scale. ACad Studio provides a complete range of architectural services from inception to completion as well as an individual service which could be availed for any particular phase, from providing an initial design to a complete set of construction plans.

We have divided our architectural services into various categories where diverse professionals in each phase will work as per their expertise. The categories of work in architectural services are :

  • Discussion Phase
  • Designing Phase
  • Detailing Phase
  • Delivery Phase

Discussion Phase - In this phase, we discuss with the client about their requirements and needs, the viability of the project and the ultimate outcome. Alongside, we also undertake a discussion of financial returns or revenue earnings so as to make the project needs and outcomes clear to both the parties. Broader functions are also discussed and a plan of action is presented to the client so as to keep the client informed.

Designing Phase - In this phase, we work to understand the ideas with which the client would want us to implement. There is a certain thought process with which clients look forward to us and want us to show that in our designs. Hence, there is a formulation of concepts in designs that address the clients’ requirement. We show different designs that are distinct from each other and let the client choose the option that it prefers. Along with the designs, there is a certain kind of projection that is made with respect to the space available. It thus gives a reflection of how the room space would look like in the future.

3D Modelling Phase - After understanding the client’s choices and preferences, we now move towards the computer-aided designing that puts all the elements of design together through the 3D modelling application. This gives an initial form to the building and a solid substance to the design concepts. The layouts of design are fairly detailed incorporating every aspect of interior designing and planning of the spaces of the building. This is also the stage where we invite the maximum stakeholders to give their input of their expertise of their professional field so that the whole making of the building structure is pre-planned. This also involves the important feature of elevation designing. This is quite significant as the elevation is all about how a facade will look like. A number of design options, style and material are discussed in this process which is then rendered in the 3D modelling.

Technical Modelling Phase - This is a phase a number of technical and engineering models will come into play. Structural models are created which comprise of column, beams, concrete and steel bars. The structural model is then linked to the architectural model which makes the designs more efficient in terms of implementation and helps in optimizing the cost. In addition to it, an MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) model is created where each of these models is required for the basic functioning of the building. The interdependency of the MEP model is checked to confirm that no functioning is hampering the other.

We also create various reports like Clash Detection Reports and Building Strength Report where we fix the problems occurring on one of the elements due to the other one, for example, one pipe intersecting the other or intersecting the structural element or architectural element. These are analytical reports and we eliminate each problem step by step. 

Reviewing Phase - In this phase, we review all the 3D renders of the project from all aspects i.e. Elevations, Plans, Sections, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical for better understanding of the project and convey the same to the client and the team. 

Work Breakdown Phase - In this phase, we assign each task to a team of professionals who are expert in their own fields along with the duration of the task and a plan of the timeline of the activities. This generates an end date of the project as all the tasks are linked to each other. Most importantly it gives us Critical Path of the Project, that is, certain tasks which can not be delayed because of their high importance. Also, this step provides us with buffer dates, that is, certain tasks that provide us a buffer to cope up with lost time and complete the process of work. 

Costing Phase - After everything that is planned and designed with consultation and cooperation of all the team members, it makes it easier for us to now arrive at the estimates that will be required to know when a certain amount of resources is used for a certain project.

Tracking the Work Phase - Finally, when we get into the action of implementing the work on-site, we keep a track record of each task that is being done for each category of work. We make analytical reports and compare the actual work done with the planned work so that we as a company can know our strengths and weaknesses. If there is any delay or anything that has hindered the project, we also ensure to inform the client about every stage of work.

Delivery Phase - This is the most awaited phase in the whole project where we finally handover the project to our client with all the work phases being reviewed and.

The founder of Acad Studio, Aayush Chaudhary, has pursued his education in architecture with specialisation in construction management. While he was studying, he had always envisioned to guide the construction sector with a vision that will help in progressing towards better construction management. 

Construction in India is still an area where a lot of gaps occur mostly due to the mismanagement and lack of communication. With respect to the same, Acad Studio strives to solve the problems of the Indian Construction Industry by adopting and adapting a structured working process that involves a thorough check system to keep the company employees, as well as the client, informed about every stage of work.

Acad Studio offers four services to their clientele - Architecture Design Firm, BIM Building Information Modelling, Project Management and Earned Value Management. When looked from an overall perspective, these four services can be used all together in a timeline sequence or can be availed separately. These services when used together lead to one function or the other.

The main aim behind the services offered by us is to ensure the right implementation of the construction work of the architectural designs of a building project. We have gone one step further of integrating technology with our work where planning, designing, construction and interiors are all done in sync with all professionals. The advantage of working in such a manner is that no task is an isolated task when it comes to architecture, construction and design phases of a building. All are interrelated and interdependent on each other.

With the four different services offered by Acad Studio, we wish to engage in work with our client by understanding their requirements, their thought process, their needs and their budget to deliver a holistic approach to work. We understand that every client is different and we believe in catering to the distinct demands of our clients which not only fulfils their requirements but helps us to expand our portfolio of work services.

There are several sectors where we have worked in - corporate, commercial, real estate and residential. We have been receptive and responsive to every sector that we work with. Under a broad sector also, we have led our work with a thorough planning and bold execution of the design ideas and construction work. The upgraded technology has facilitated the smooth functioning of the construction industry and has assisted the company in dealing with diverse issues of the architectural and construction fields.

We work meticulously on the solutions that are crafted for every client differently based on the needs of the client. The works and our clients’ testimony speak for our company’s work and legacy. We have dealt with sectors ranging from large scale projects to small and medium-size projects. 

With the vast exposure and substantial experience, Aayush Chaudhary has set out to lead his entrepreneurial spirit and his team of architects to undertake projects that can give a new dimension to the projects with their vision and mission. With his high energy and motivation, he is always willing to do something new that can set an example in the field of architecture.

Bringing a systematic process in the building project, Acad Studio has redefined the functioning where they work with professional commitment, based on trust and quality complimented with an inherent focus on Spatial Planning, Design, Sustainability, and Project Management which in turn helps in achieving a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with our clients.

This has hastened the journey of Acad Studio where we believe in syncing construction work with our BIM technology that aids all professionals to work on a single platform which in turn ensures that every kind of work under construction is being updated on the BIM software and hence, always keeps the other professionals informed about any updates.

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