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The task was to transform the existing shell of the penthouse into a luxurious home for a family of three. The challenge was to provide a luxurious feel to the house with a seamless and elegant design under a given budget. Several ideas were discussed with the client to create one seamless design for their house, where the transformation of spaces did not transform the design ideology.

  • Type : Interiors of Residential Penthouse (5BHK)
  • Location : MGF The Villas
  • Area : 5,000 sq ft
  • Design and Built

Our Idea

Since it was a family of three and the rooms were more than they needed, we broke down 1 room and a toilet and added it in the master bedroom and the toilet on the ground floor. The newly expanded room was occupied by the owner with a walk-in closet and a huge toilet. The ground floor now consists of a living room, dining room, master bedroom with walk-in closet attached to a toilet, kitchen and a service balcony. The huge balcony attached to the living room was installed with a gazebo and an artificial garden overlooking the Gurgaon skyline. The first floor was dedicated to the son and consisted of a master bedroom with 2 guest rooms. The first floor also has a huge balcony where we created a terrace garden overlooking the Gurgaon skyline. The idea was so to create a luxurious design with simple elements highlighting sharp lines.

What we did

The entire interiors were designed focusing on clean sharp lines with graceful and stylish furniture suiting the space. A beige colour theme for the entire house was chosen except for powder room and kitchen. A coloured element in form sofa, recliners or curtains were introduced to break the monotone design.

The living room was designed focusing on the sophistication of furniture and to break the monotone, we introduced flowered textured cloth on 3 seats of sofa. This created a sense of excitement in space. The master bedroom was designed creating an interesting tv unit covering most of the wall yet focusing on tv.

The bed headboard was chosen to be curvilinear to attract attention on a plain bedroom wall. The powder room was designed in a contrasting theme as it is mostly used by the guests, creating a contrasting theme in the powder room parted in from the entire house where the guest can be alone but feel relaxed.

We introduced a sleek and stylish false partition wall in the middle of the master bedroom on the upper floor which also acted as a tv cabinet and separated the wardrobes yet giving a huge scale to the room. The partition wall was designed with the abstraction of straight lines to match the entire interiors of the house.

The headboard of the bed was kept to minimalist by using solid wood. We took care of big walls on the corridors by creating v grooves and ending it with a polished veneer which enhanced the luxury of the space. The pooja room was separated with a sliding jail and was kept minimalist by carving the front wall with Hindu mantra. This made the small room look exquisite and created enough space for private meditation or prayers.

We carefully designed the lighting of the house by using spotlights and downlights to enhance the feel of the space as required. A 15ft tall chandelier was installed in the double-height near the staircase which formed a grand entrance to the living room. Extra care to details was taken into account while designing to enhance the experience, function and utility of the space.

We incorporated automation in the entire house focusing on convenience and ease to use lights, curtains, speakers, Air conditioners and all other electronics. We tried to transform the space as per the client’s imagination using our expertise in the field and suggesting new ideas.



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