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We were given the opportunity to make an open lawn banquet near Manesar comprising 2 acres of land. There were twin goals that we were dealing with - one, designing an open lawn against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape and two, to catch the attention of people nearby in terms of the aesthetic appearance from outside. The main purpose of this project was to keep the open lawn as natural as possible along with integration of the architectural aesthetics that the client wished to have and that were supposed to be positioned in the lawn area.


The challenge was to create a banquet in the centre of the village from where the settlements were more than a km far away. Another important challenge to be taken care of was to choose an approach that will be used to construct the banquet. The area had loose soil and was 2ft below the road level. We all had to designate a plan that would resolve these challenges and give us the open banquet exterior that our client wished to have.

  • Type: Open lawn banquet
  • Area: 2 Acres
  • Location: Near Manesar
  • Designing
The Divine Banquet - Banquet Interior Designer in Gurgaon - Acad



The whole behind this banquet exterior designing process was to blend the old with new where the old architectural elements will be clubbed with the contemporary decor. We planned and designed the entire garden keeping in mind the modern usage of the space in Indian weddings or any functions. While we had planned to design to insert some architectural elements, we were equally concerned that in no situation space should be compromised. In functions, it is the space that caters to a large number of people. Our role was to augment the looks of the open lawn banquet exterior with the architectural structures that made the whole lawn look visually appealing.

The idea was to create a haveli Interior Design themes for the banquet. The visitor entering the garden should get the feel of a resort and not of any other wedding garden. The idea was to provide an open space for functions with a stage, secondary stage, food counters, and fountains just like one see at a haveli. The use of exposed bricks and stone enhanced the design concept of a haveli in the village. Spatial planning was the main concern of the project as it would dictate the movement, behavior, privacy, and functions of an open garden.



On the entrance, cinquefoil arches were used on the sides with a clear walkway leading towards the amphitheatre providing a clear path for the visitor to go in the amphitheatre or towards the main stage. The pavers were used in a way which guided the visitors as to which direction to go through. The use of arches all around the garden with exposed bricks gave a very earthy look. The main source of lights was huge vintage-style street lamps and some spotlights to enhance the elegance of the place.

In the centre of the garden, we planned a multipurpose amphitheatre which could be used as ‘Bedi’ for Indian weddings, a secondary stage, a special seating where we allotted different spaces for a particular function.

The main stage area was planned on one side of the garden which is connected to the bride’s room by a walkway which becomes the focal point of the bride’s entrance. The stage faced towards an installation which acted as a fountain and on the side was an L-shaped bar. The installation would be made up of abstraction of huge blocks providing informal seating by the fountain. 

The bar area was designed having minimalist frames in the stones counter. We covered some of the areas with a shed to create an area where food would be served. 

The toilets were planned at the beginning near the drop off facing a garden to provide a welcoming and fresh look. The drop off was designed with a fountain in the centre which acted as a welcoming feature for the guests. 

Hence, with this contemporary approach, we designed the open lawn banquet exterior near Manesar where we catered to both the requirements of Indian functions as well as integrating some modern architectural elements to give it a refreshing fusion look.

We also undertake banquet interior designing and architecture projects where we work with a certain design modality in mind for the banquet space.

Apart from the banquet interior and exterior designing, ACad Studio provides a complete range of architectural and interior design services from inception to completion or a partial service which could be availed in any and every kind of service we impart such as architectural work, construction process and designing.

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