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Residential Interiors -

Home is something that is close to everyone’s heart. Each and every one of us wants a home that is beautiful and visually appealing. We are always in an endeavour to make our homes more pleasing than ever but somehow  we usually feel that there might be something missing. We, the Acad Team, step in here to do away with your woes.

We work in the field of Residential Interiors where we specialise both in individual residential interior designing and a project wise assignment. In the former category, we cater to the clients on an individual basis where we interact with the client to understand and know their requirements of decor that they wish to have. While in the latter, we either do the residential interiors as part of the full package of the architectural services by Acad Studio or in collaboration with other projects where our specialisation for residential interiors is needed.

We work on certain principles that guide our planning, designing and implementation of the residential interiors. It serves as the foundation principles for our workforce as well. The three major salient features of our working style have been stated below that would help you to understand our philosophy of work:

  • Plan out the vision of design - In this phase, we sit and discuss the vision that our client is having. There could be numerous ideas in the client’s mind that we as a firm require to understand and streamline as well. After the understanding and approval, we may make our way forward to implementing the design strategies in the residential sector.
  • Make a proposal for residential interiors -  We showcase our plan of how a particular space or that home would look like after the completion of the final stage of residential interior designing to give an idea and a peek into the final outcome. This is a major determinant to move ahead with the plan of the residential interiors.
  • Understand the Budget Resources - We understand that every house has different budget requirements within which they would want to work and we respect that. As a firm, we guide them and inform them about the practical options that are sustainable with a certain budget. We also discuss and finalize the kind of resources required to implement the designing plan of residential interiors.
  • Work within timeline - At Acad Studio, we value your time of investment and energy. We assure the client that the results will be delivered in accordance with the schedule provided by us.

We work for every kind of home and project, whether big, medium or small. We work in a manner that suits our residential clients because if major changes are there, then relocation may be required. With the best technical expertise in the field of architecture, we assist our clients with the process and outcome of residential interiors.

ACad Studio provides a complete range of architectural and design services from inception to completion or a partial service which could be availed in any and every kind of service we impart such as architectural work, construction process and designing.



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