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Transforming The Interiors of Towering Esse

Being an architecture and interior designing company, we had the task of transforming the old interior designing of the penthouse and formulate a new decor idea for our client who wished to a lavish interior designing. This decor idea was to have a luxurious decor setup by positioning different luxurious elements of decor in accordance with the client's tastes and preferences.

21 Jul

Evolving an All-Round Solution for Construction Sector

An innovative initiative by the Principal Architect of Acad has paved a way for an efficient and effective construction process of work in India through the updated technology of Building Information Modelling (BIM) which helps in planning, streamlining and analysing all activities of the construction sector at a single platform.

14 Jul

Leading the Future of Architecture

Following his passion and dream of architecture, Aayush Chaudhary, the Principal Architect of Acad, has now taken the endeavour to impart his architectural knowledge and services in India with a vision of transforming the current scenario of the Indian Construction Industry with his progressive steps.

23 Jun

The Menace of Gentrification: Forming a burden on existing resources

As the cities are expanding, a number of resources are getting over-utilized in both residential and commercial sectors especially where the infrastructural resources get used up beyond their capacity. This, in turn, leads to numerous socio-economic problems in the city which now gets characterized by congestion and chaos and hence this further hastens the process of disparity between certain sections of people.

12 May

Uplifting the Standards of Construction Industry

Acad Studio believes in raising the efficiency level of the construction work by adopting new technologies and techniques which are compatible with the needs of the construction sector. Aayush Chaudhary, the Principal Architect of Acad Studio, believes in implementing the advanced technology to make the construction process a structured and organized one and wants to spread the fruits of construction progress on the neglected small and medium projects.

04 May

5 Key Architectural Trends For Every Budding Entrepreneur

Read about how Building Information Management (BIM) has taken the construction management and designing of the building projects to the next level in terms of planning and implementation, collaborating with numerous professionals from various fields on a single platform.

25 Mar

Learn more about the business of architecture and construction management

Get an insight into the standards of construction which is normally ignored in the infrastructure field as observed by the young entrepreneur architect, Aayush Chaudhary, who has gained the technical skill expertise in the field of construction management along with his wide exposure to the working of infrastructure sector.

17 Mar

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Acad Studio has reached out in the public domain where we have got numerous opportunities to inform the public about our work and services. We are more than delighted to share our perspective and our work experiences with the journalists and communicate these thoughts to the readers out there.

Below are some press releases that have been published by different digital newspaper organisations where we have given insights on various works that we have done in the field of architecture and construction.

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