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“Wooden Focus” our latest commercial project fulfills the client’s demand of designing their office. They demand a cozy look for their office and the use of wooden material for floors, cabinets, and shelves for keeping accessories. They want the head cabins at the center of the office area.


The major challenge that came across while designing the office design is the layout of furniture. As the chairman cabins have entire glass partition.


The office is designed for the two different staff each headed by one. The planning of 2 chairman cabins was specifically done in a large office space so that two visual separations can be created. The head cabins are the focal point of the office designs. The glass partition is designed on two sides of the cabin so that both the chairman make contact with each other and with staff too. The working stations are around the cabins which let the heads keep an eye on them via glass partition.

The office has the provision of two doors for easy accessibility to the service area and staff areas. Both the office has a wooden touch on floor and shelves for accessories. The typical minimalist furniture- sofa set and mini coffee table adding grace to the cabin design. The interior of the office designed by Architecture in Gurgaon is to maximize the storage space.

The glass windows are placed at a frequent distance for the entry of natural sunlight. For avoiding direct sunlight during mid-noon, blinds are introduced for each window. The interiors designs play a crucial role in creating a working environment. To feel energetic and motivated for 8*6 you need pleasing colors and textures. The working stations are in a subtle color tone for a comfortable and friendly environment.

The team of the Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon has played a very significant role while designing the office.

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Commercial, Interior
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Aayush Chaudhary

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