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The “VISTA OFFICE” is a commercial project given to us by a reputed company for designing and constructing an office building.


The basic idea behind designing a building was the client’s demand for lavish and stunning with a modern touch. So, the designer’s main focus was on the elevation design as the building seems to be a vista.

The idea was very simple of designing the different office cabinets from reception to the meeting room which highlights the modern lifestyle. The whole office is painted with white color to create a peaceful atmosphere in the office.


Interior Design Company face the extreme challenge of the space as few things were to be fit in a large area. Designing the office exterior which suits the surrounding landscape was a challenge.

Apart from those challenges the major challenge was the interior design as the client wants complete light in the office rooms and the privacy of each employee won’t disturbed.


The “VISTA OFFICE”  is an iconic building in the commercial sector. The uniqueness and the detailing of the design are so stunning that the viewers pass bycatch their attention.

The exterior of the building is partially covered with window glasses and cream color walls are complementing with the protruding terrace made up of glass material. The wooden texture block at the entrance stairs adds a spark to the elevation. To harmonize with the natural environment entrance of the office covers the greenery around.

As soon you enter the building a huge corridor with white all around leads you to the reception area. Though the reception of the building is designed very simple as simplicity is always best. The reception includes the waiting area and a small library for visitors.

Heading towards the cabin, the off colors are creating magic with the lights all around. The glass windows are covered with blinds so that rays of the sun do not enter the room. The employee desk room covers the complex detailing. The center of the room covers with employee desks and the space left near the walls consists of the small cabinets and racks for the books and magazines. Apart from the natural light, the hanging tube lights are designed above the employee desk. The white color all around the room creates a soothing aura and a great environment to work in all day.

The ideas need to be shared out, minds should be in a calm state so the meeting room is built up for 10-15 people to brainstorm ideas.

In this project, Interior designers in Gurgaon have played with nature- light and green plants. The design perfectly describes the modern lifestyle of the corporate sector.

Project Type:
Commercial, Interior
Total Area:
10,000 Sq Ft
Our Service:
Design & Build
Principal Architect:
Aayush Chaudhary

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