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We got this amazing project from one of the reputed firms which deal with doors and flooring designs. The client demands luxurious and creative concepts for their work to display.


The basic concept for designing the showroom of the door and flooring is to make a small space look big and unique. So the Interior design Company came up with the idea of making a maze. The visitor has to open a door (product) to enter or exit the space. This enhances the product as the visitor is forced to touch and feel the quality of the product.

The concept shows the perfect use of small space.


The designing process is always challenging when we have to design a place according to today’s requirements. The topmost challenge is to make a place that isolates the person from one another to beat the spread of coronavirus. The next challenge we face was space, the area of the showroom is very small.

The other challenge was to put the maze concept in design according to space and make the place free from suffocation. Placing the blockages in the right position was again a big challenge. Another challenge was to showcase their work of doors and flooring in the design according to business purposes.


The showroom is for doors and flooring purposes, so the interior design has highlighted their work at each place of the showroom.  The entrance of the showroom is designed grand and luxurious. To showcase the showroom glass entrance’s interior is planned with a large wooden block and the stainless steel rods placed on the entire glass door.

Overall the showroom has 8 doors all that are opened in a sequential manner. The moment you stand in front of door 1 you will found yourself in a big maze. You have to press the knob to check the right door entry. The first door will lead you to the reception area. To enter the reception you have to enter from the 2nd door. The reception is visible from the 1st pod due to the glass partition designed by the Best Architecture Firms in Gurgaon.

The showroom has 6 pods formed by the opening and closing of the doors. The place has one entrance for each pod to enter into another pod. One has to cross all the pods to reach the end of the showroom, where the selection tray is present.  The 2 pods in the middle are purposely designed for private meetings with the client and the other 4 pods can be used as a private meeting room. Each pod has different flooring and wallpaper but a single pod has the same flooring and wallpaper design that follows the continuity in the pattern.

We tried an interesting idea of the maze inside a very small space which also created much smaller spaces where only 2 or 3 people can stand or discuss, making it a covid-friendly design where a large number of people can not be gathered in one single space, but they can be present at different stations/pods.

To enter into space you have to pass through the doors no other way is possible. To avoid suffocation space is provided for the fresh air to come in and tackle people’s movement from that space, the blockage is created. The blockage is made by displaying floor tiles that suit the designs and don’t look weird in the midway of the path.

The bizarre concept of displaying the items used by the  Architecture Firm in Gurgaon within a small space is depicted in the showroom design.

Project Type:
Total Area:
600 Sq ft
Our Service:
Design & Build
Principal Architect:
Aayush Chaudhary

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