THE ARCHED FRAME – Residential




The concept of our new residential “Arched Frame” is inspired by the arches used in the classical architecture style and a glimpse of modern architecture is also highlighted.

The arch frame is given to the entire exterior portion of the house and the grey color boundary is given to the building. The frame acts as a protective shield to the building and maintains the privacy of the occupant while standing or sitting on the balcony. The house with unique designs always comes as a center of attraction and popular among the neighborhood. To add an extra element to the house, a box of dark grey color on the 2nd floor is designed.

The house has complex detailing as designing an arch frame needs proper scale and balance. The design of the arch varies from small to big arches in the frame which look amazing when one looks at that. The glass frame at the balcony looks as if the arch frame is passing through it. The glass in the balcony act as a support system just the way railings used to.

The entrance of the building is very simple and has arches too that complete the entire building look. The Architecture Firms in Gurgaon have done amazing work and their concept of designing the house that has a glimpse of classical architecture style let the old concepts live in the modern era.

Project Type:
Total Area:
600 Sq Yards
Our Service:
Principal Architect:
Aayush Chaudhary

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