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The idea was to make the villa look bigger by incorporating new design techniques that cater to the client’s requirements. The initial layouts were changed to create larger spaces that connect with each other.

We have to plan the whole structure and interior of the villa as per the client’s needs. While discussing the details with the client we understood her taste and style so we came up with the fusion theme that illustrates her royal taste.


Every project came up with a challenge. The challenges we overcame while planning and designing this villa are quite difficult but we at ACad Studio know how to tackle these hurdles. The first challenge we faced was the poor quality of the structure. To tackle this problem we had to break down a lot of things to improve the existing structure. The other problem was the seepage in the villa that was resolved by adapting different techniques wherever possible. The other challenge was to transform the 4 bedroom villa into a 3 bedroom set so we have to demolish many walls. The other challenges we faced were related to site work, MEP, and planning out how we can give a luxurious and extravagant look to smaller spaces.

The most important challenge was to hand over the keys to the client on time. They have provided us with a very strict deadline and we have to accomplish that.

Design Process

Initially, the villa had 4 bedrooms but according to family requirements, many of the walls had to be demolished. This converts the 4 bedroom villa into a 3 bedroom villa, living room, dining area, kitchen, bar, office, and garden area. The ground floor has one bedroom, living room, dining attached to the bar, and kitchen. The first floor has 2 master bedrooms, a laundry room, and a pooja room with a deck area overlooking the swimming pool. The basement had storage, a gym area, and an office for the client. We designed one bedroom on the ground floor designated for grandmother. This was done purposely so that she can have a nice view of the front garden and reduce climbing stairs. The living room is also facing towards the garden area in the backyard this makes the person sitting in the living room enjoy the garden, pool, and deck. The dining and bar are attached facing towards the deck and pool area that connects the area with the garden allowing the family to enjoy parties. The idea was simply to increase the amount of light entering the house. The first floor has one master bedroom for the client and another room is for her daughter. The upper floor master bedroom gives a nice view from the top enjoying the society park view and the pool area of the villa.

As the taste of the owner was very luxurious so the interior of the villa was done in a lavish way. The living room has a back garden allowing the entry of natural light and breeze. Both the areas are partitioned by the false partition rods placed at both the corners of the space. The moldings on the wall and the contrasting color scheme is highlighted on the wall as well as on furniture. The team has played with the fancy lights- different styles of chandeliers and lights are used such as double-height chandeliers near the staircase, hanging light at the bar, circular ring chandelier above the dining table.  The living room furniture has creamish beige shades and the dining area has royal blue color fabric chairs and a marbled textured table to break the monotony of the space. These all elements complement the space. The bar has been planned at the side of the garden area so that one can have access to the area from the garden while enjoying party time. The hanging glass stands to suit the color theme of the bar space.

The client’s room is planned on the first floor. She wishes to have her favorite color pink so the touch of pink shades has been given in her room. The large glass window allows one to enjoy the nice and pleasant view of the society and garden area from the top and maximum amount of natural light. The main room and the washroom area are also partitioned by a glass wall. We have given the golden shades to compliment the pink color in a room. The Bathroom also has a lavish and mesmerizing niche design. The bathroom flooring has a nice corner with white pebbles placed beneath the bathtub. This room is particularly designed like a teenage girl’s room.

The room designed for the client’s daughter was according to her desire for a dark color theme. The room is planned on the first floor and designed by demolishing the walls of two rooms. The wooden panel contrasts with the warm colors followed on walls, and furniture that creates a soothing aura. To enhance the dark view of the room, the optical ceiling light is used. The dressing area has a mirror with inserted LED lights and green wallpaper. This gives extra light to the particular area and the minimal furniture is kept in an area.

The grandmother’s room is planned on the ground floor to have a nice and soothing view of the deck area to enjoy. We have chosen a modern and neo-classical theme for the space. The Furniture in the room like the dressing table, the chair, the bedside table has a classical design, and the decor elements used are of modern touch. The blue color theme followed in walls, curtains, beds, and even on fabrics.

The landscape of the villa is a treat to one’s eyes. The entrance of the villa has a nice garden with flowers and lights underneath it. The living room opens the way to the deck, where the swimming pool and garden area are located and equipped with sofas thus composing a sitting area for morning and evening tea or coffee. We had planted different types of trees so as to create a greener view from the villa. Some of the trees were palm, banana, etc.

This project was very interesting and our team has designed this villa in the most creative way and new approaches are used in planning and designing this whole villa.

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Residential, Interior
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Design & Build
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Aayush Chaudhary

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