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Showroom riash
Showroom riash
showroom riash
Showroom riash



We got an opportunity to design the interior of a showroom in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. The client’s demands were lavish and wanted the point of attraction so that customers get attracted. The team has provided with the concept of louvres around the showroom and the use of natural elements to give a lively feel to the showroom.

The showroom has followed up the modern elements of design and the golden colour theme. The entrance of the showroom has horizontal golden louvres that embrace the dummies kept at the entrance. As you move inside the showroom, a golden billing counter table attracts your eyes. The wall at the billing counter has beautiful carvings in black shade and the owner’s name in gold.

As you move around the space, you will find the display sections of clothes beside the walls. In front of the display racks, we have counters to showcase the materials and sitting area for customers. The part of the walls has a photo gallery that enhances the look of the walls. At the end of the showroom, a trial room is designed. By the end of the showroom, we have a staircase to go to the upper section of the showroom that has steel louvres one end attaches to the ceiling and another end at the stairs. The wall by the staircase has an abstract design of wood and grass and a large mirror is placed on it.

The team has played well with the light fixtures, to increase the visibility and grace of the materials. The chain of spotlights is assembled at the ceiling at an equivalent distance. The scone lights are also placed to highlight the particular area.

The showroom interior, as well as exterior, is a stoppage to the eyes. One’s eye gets stuck to these golden louvres and the golden name board. The team of Top Architecture Firms in Delhi has designed the showroom with a mission to attract people.

Project Type:
Commercial, Interior
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Design & Build
Principal Architect:
Aayush Chaudhary

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