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To design our new residential project “Cantilevered House” we came up with a new concept of designing a long platform that extends from a wall to a support structure.

Seeing the client’s requirement of a lavish and beautiful house the top architects decided to approach modern architecture style. The house is located in Agra city away from the urban area. The beautiful landscape around the house making it more adorable.

This is house is perfect for holiday times to take a nap in nature. The entrance of the house has a step-pool and a wood cantilevered supporting the mini pool from the sides. The designer has made the entrance in a very unique style. Moving ahead the two-floor house has glass fenestration that maximizes the entry of the sunlight and even lets you enjoy the beautiful landscape outside the house. The whitish color of the house with a black outline is making a color hue and perfect color scheme that suits the landscape. To link the two portions at the 1st-floor gallery in form of a cabinet is introduced in midway that has a glass ceiling and fenestration.

The idea of designing the house was quite amazing and multinational architecture firms in Gurgaon have put their heart while designing this beautiful place.




The basic concept for designing our new residential project “Broken Symmetry” was to give the appearance of the Victorian house. The creative mind of Architects Gurgaon has added the element of broken symmetry in the design of the house.

As you look at the house from a distance you will find something is missing but to add a unique element in the house this concept is introduced. The entrance of the house is simple and lavish. The house is designed in a way that leaves some space at the wide back portions. That very space is used as parking for vehicles. The flutes on the columns of the building and the columns at the room entrance are giving aesthetic look. The vertical cornices at the room entrance, window POP extrusion, and at the base of the balcony give an amazing appearance. The left portion of the house is highlighted by the protruded column and the glass cladding. The windows and balcony have glass fenestration which compliments the look of the house. The exterior walls depict the use of stone that gives victorian look to the house. The left and right portions of the house on the 1st floor are linked up by the wooden blocks. The wooden blocks are placed vertically which serves as the ceiling of the balcony area.

The design designed by the acad team is marvelous and unique.




We were excited about this project located at the prime location of Gurgaon. The basic idea behind designing the new residential project is to create a simple builder floor. The beautiful synchrony of elements of design is showcased in the elevation.

The floors are stacked one above the other and each floor shares a different design element. The team has designed 5 floors- the ground floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd floor, and 4th floor. The ground floor is specifically designed for the parking of vehicles, and other floors serve as 2BHK and 3BHK floors. The building is highlighted in the neighborhood because of its new design approach. The team has put great effort into making this builder’s floor look like a simple stacked house. The building has bold boundaries with varied wooden textures. The balconies of each floor have red-colored mesh and glass boundaries. To lighten up the balconies at night spotlights are fixed at equal distance. The building follows up to the flat terrace.

The windows at the balcony side have large sliding glass and a shaft at the corner of each floor. The windows are designed purposely to facilitate maximum natural light. Apart from the architecture, the interior of the place looks amazing.

The builder’s floor is a treat to the architect and the viewer’s eye. The Architect Firm in Gurgaon has just played around with the color, and textures in this house.




The “Ornated Arch” was a residential project which is located in sector 32, Gurgaon. The red roof and creamish elevation spark in the daylight.


The client demands a house design inspired by the modern style and gives a touch of classical architecture. So the designer of this residential project has decided to detail the Mediterranean style of architecture.

The area of the plot was 2000 sq. ft, the house covers the minimum of space, and the rest space is left for the beautiful garden area.


The Designing of this project was challenging. Incorporating an arch at the entrance of the villa that complements the landscape was itself a challenge. Detailing Mediterranean architecture according to today’s lifestyle was a big challenge. Making small balconies at the exterior of each window was again a great task.

Another challenge faced by the team of Architectural Firms in Gurgaon is combining colors that harmony with each other.


The Mediterranean-based house “Ornated Arch” exterior and interior will leave your imagination far beyond these epic designs. The house comprises two floors. The exterior elevation design is stunning and very unique from other surrounding villas. The extruded wooden roof and arch windows describe the ancient house style. The balconies protruding cover the excellent molding designs. The side elevation view provides the backyard balcony view. This means the house is open from both the front and back sides. This provides the maximum entry of sunlight into the rooms. The entry area of the house covers the arches all around to make it attractive. The front area of the villa serves as parking for vehicles. The villa is surrounded by a variety of flowers and trees to get shade all time.

As soon you step inside the villa, the beautiful color combination in the living room catches your eye’s attention. White-gray-pink-white colors are contrasting with each other. They are designing the role of the color palette. The modern style upholstered sofa set, tables. And lamps adding life to the room design. The plain solid color walls can be made more attractive by fixing some artworks on them. The portion of the living room has been designed to place the rewards on wooden platforms. The wooden work providing extra grace to the place.

Heading towards the bathroom design, it is a piece of luxury design. The bathroom covers the maximum of the area. The white marble flooring suits the accessory of the in-suites like the bathtub, washbasins, toilet seats, and all. The introduction of a glass cabinet for a shower is adding more personal time to a person.

Due to its ancient roof style, the terrace is not designed. As an alternative for that, the back portion on the second floor has huge open space. That space is used for chilling and relaxing with family or friends. Space is decorated with indoor plants and curved sofa chairs and tables. The wooden beam on the ceiling and the wooden frame of windows shares a great idea. The introduction of glass windows in the area giving the space more privacy.

The villa exterior and interior design are mesmerizing and the detailing in the house shows the hard work and creative mind of the top Architects in Gurgaon.




We were given the opportunity to design and build a builder floor in Faridabad. The client wanted a 4-story house including a separate space for parking. He wanted a lavish yet simple builder floor concept.

The team came up with this design concept to accomplish the client’s specifications. The modern architecture style is incorporated in the design and highlights the amazing use of the elements of design. The height of the building is uneven so that the beauty of the design could be exposed from each corner.

By following the modern architecture style, the builder’s floor is designed. The builder floor is divided into five parts: ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 4th-floor serves as a 2BHK. The ground floor has a stilt for parking vehicles in the front. The elements of design are equally separated and highlighted in the superstructure.

The builder floor follows the geometrical patterns having extruded wooden textured and grey cuboid boxes supporting balcony frames. The glass wall boundary at the balconies and terrace creates harmony among the materials used. Even the detailing of light is done amazingly that outshine the buildings in the neighborhood.

Moving towards the color and texture, the team has done an impressive job by creating a balance between the colors and the textures. The team has mixed and matched the grey and creamish white color with wooden textures around the exterior of the building.

The elevation of the building is just extraordinary from other designs. The simple builder floor designed by the Architect Interior Designer depicts the excellent work of complex detailing.




We got an opportunity to build a residential project in Delhi. The “Minimalistae Villa” is located in the Karol Bagh, Delhi. It covers an area of 250 sq. Yards. The place is designed for a single-family.


“Minimalistae Villa” as the name suggests it describes the use of minimalist ideas. The client demanded a modern house which highlights the changing scenario of the period. So, the house was designed using a modern architectural style.

The basic idea of the Best Architecture Firms was to use minimalist ideas to make the house look modern and stylish.


Every project we deal with finds some challenge, but only a few challenges occurred in our path when we were engaged in this project. One of them occurred while designing the bathroom as bathroom window height is similar to person height which causes the disturbance in privacy. An alternative glass cubicle was designed at the corner side of the bathroom.


The House is designed for single-family comprises of the living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom. The house is designed simple and beautiful. The entire house covers up the minimalist furniture which makes the space look clean and spacious.

Beginning from the Living room, it is just eye-catching. The upholstered sofa sets and mini-tables adding grace to the living room. As white color always makes the surrounding light the same way the white walls are complementing with the furniture style and design.

According to Vastu, the corners of the room should illuminate so the client demands for the lamp design which is putting life in the corners. The living room seems to look like a mini villa.

To enjoy cooking in the kitchen, it is important to design it very beautifully and attractive. The kitchen of the house is designed according to the blue-ocean theme. The sea blue color and brown color creating a soothing atmosphere. Above that, the modern furniture used in the kitchen making space looks extraordinary. The large window in the Kitchen is placed in the opposite direction of the sun so that one will always feel fresh and cool air while cooking.

As you enter the master bedroom your eyes will remain open by seeing the fascinating view from the sliding window used in the bedroom. As you step out from the large sliding glass you will reach into the lap of nature. The bedroom covers minimalist furniture like a sofa and table and stools for evening snacks. The wall behind the bed has a texture of brick-red which are contrasting with the rest of the white color walls.

The bathroom space can not be left unnoticed. It describes the modern lifestyle of a family. The large window in the bathroom makes you connected with nature as bright light and green plants are visible in the view. The washing area comprises beautiful white color washbasins and brown cabinets. The glass cubicle and bathing tub are designed inside the bathroom to enjoy your personal space.

The house explains the real meaning of minimalist and space-living ideas. The ACad team has put an effort into designing this beautiful and decent house.



The basic idea behind designing our new residential project “The Louver Illusion” is totally according to the client’s requirements. The client’s demand was to construct a builder floor that highlights the modern aspect of architecture.

The builder’s floor is designed in such a way that a portion of the building is extruded towards the front. The building has 5 floors including- ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 4th floor. Each floor exterior portion has louvers. The balcony of the floors has half portion covered with louvers and the rest half has a glass boundary. It seems as if the first floor is connected to the fourth floor via louvers. The ground floor is for Parking and the other floors are the 3 BHK floors.

The building looks like a wooden house because of its brown color theme and wooden texture. The team has balanced the architecture elements very beautifully. The balconies have large glass windows to facilitate maximum natural light inside the house. The ceiling of the balconies has spotlights that allow a person to stand or sit at night. Even the space in the balconies is much more than required. One can hang out with friends there.

The house is a center of attraction because of the building’s design. The Top Architecture in Gurgaon has put a great effort into creating this beauty.





The idea of designing this residential project was to highlight the boldness of design. It’s often people focus on the exterior of the house instead of interior design. This results in unequal distribution of principal elements of Design. So ACad Studio came up with the solution by designing the “Metal Dominance”.

The Residential Project presents the excellent layout of the interior and exterior design.


The main challenge we face while designing the concept was to use a material that doesn’t look over the board and suit the landscape. The Top Architecture Firm in Gurgaon faces issues while constructing the superstructure terrace.


The exterior of the house explains the modern architectural style. The extruded portion on the 1st floor is the perfect option to chill and relax in the evening. The use of metal at the ceiling portion and on the railings of the house is dominating the use of other building materials. The design of the terrace is the focal point of the exterior. The concept of a floating terrace is introduced in the project by the team of Architects in Gurgaon.

Let’s move inside the house, the grand living room depicts the use of minimalist ideas. The Light fixtures to the furniture create a soothing atmosphere in the room. The portion of the living room is attached to the kitchen and dining area. The modern furniture and light fixtures have made the space look more attractive. The best use of space is described in this house. The marble used for the kitchen counter is adding grace to the area. The black and gray color furniture gives dark tones to space. The walls of the living room show a repetitive rhythm pattern.

The excellent work of color and texture on the wall of the living room highlights the importance of colors in designs. Apart from the living room, the additional portion of the house on the second floor is designed very gracefully. The white color curtains are contrasting with the wooden furniture( sofa, table, chair). Even the jute rug complements the flooring design.

Heading towards the bedroom, which seems to look like heaven. One needs a peaceful and calm sleep after a long hectic day. The grey and white wall color are co-relating with each other. To give a touch of the village the brick-red texture is given on one portion of the wall.

The residential project shares the bizarre design concept for the exterior and interior of the house designed by an Architecture Firm in Gurgaon.

Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
Layer 5
Layer 6
Layer 7
Layer 8
Layer 9
Layer 11
Layer 12
Layer 13
Layer 14
Layer 15
Layer 16
Layer 17
Layer 18
Layer 19
Layer 20
Layer 21
Layer 22
Layer 23
Layer 24
Layer 25
Layer 26
Layer 27
Layer 28
Layer 29
Layer 30
Layer 31
Layer 32
Layer 33
Layer 34



It is said that living together with your whole family at the same place is perfect peace for the heart and mind. Our latest project in Residential Interior Design is (duplex) ² in Sushant Lok Gurgaon designed for a family who wishes to spend quality time together. The (duplex) ² is designed for multi-family which comprises two separate duplexes in a single building. The Home Interior Design itself serves a meaning as two units are connected in the same way family stays together.,

The style of the house is a neoclassical style form of architecture covering a ground area of 7,200 sq feet. Our specialty of work is to maintain the place according to today’s lifestyle. The special planning of new home Interior design is done by keeping the private area (bedrooms) separated from the common area ( living area, dining area, and kitchen). It has a common lift and stairs which are connecting the entire house and a separate staircase for the duplexes.


The challenge we have faced while working on this project is to create the two identities in the same building. The initial idea was to divide the plots and create two identities but we had to compromise on the sizes of the spaces. The house is designed for the joint family so special care was taken while styling.

The ground area was a great challenge; so the remnant area has been covered in form of a garden area. Usually, in other projects, we have worked on the regular size of the room but in this project, the room size was extremely big. The Architecture in Gurgaon even faces a challenge in mixing the elements of a modern and traditional art form.

The concept was developed to vertically divide the building, giving each floor maximum ground coverage. The challenge was to create interconnections in the entire building and also the connections in the duplexes, which acted as one core but at the same time maintaining the privacy of each duplex identified as one unit.


The project aims is to make a place for the joint family by introducing new concepts and the best Interior Design Ideas. The modern and traditional elements are used to make the space look luxurious. The entire house was inspired by European architecture where the elements were studied and modified accordingly to create a look of a bulky and modern palace/castle.

The lobby is designed with the concept of double-height so that the pooja area becomes a center of attraction for everyone. The fountain in the lobby is making the entire entrance grand. The stilt area has parking for vehicles, an office for work, and a common hall.

Each floor of the duplex can easily be distinguished because of the formal and informal design. The ground floor of each duplex is formal and the first floor is informal. This concept was introduced by  Architects in Gurgaon by taking care of each age group member. For old age groups, traditional style is used and for young ones, the modern form is used. The informal space covers the open and closed party and lounge areas.

The traditional element is used in designing the floors and the glimpse of modern form is seen in furniture. Furniture is designed to provide a modern look merging with the classical elements (like moldings and groves on walls) all around the space.

The walls of the house have groves and flutes on the columns. The entire house is dry clad with 40mm limestone on RCC structure which helps in the formation of groves and flutes, resulting in providing a look of a modern castle. The second and fourth floor of the duplex has replaced the groves with the cut stone jallis so that the floor can look different. The house is clad with stone to make it look more luxurious.

The elevation of the house is also designed by mixing the elements of modern and classical style form which gives the façade a modern castle look. The material selected for the ceiling has wooden texture and color, the Wpvc sections are arranged in weave patterns that are used in the ceiling which is eye-catching to viewers.

The windows of the house are made up of aluminum with thin sections of 17-25mm to increase the glass surface. To match with the stone grooves, bathroom windows are specially designed as French windows which is a classical form of design.

The surprising feature by the luxury Interior Designers for the house is a terrace that outlines the traditional style; which highlights the fort look. The columns on the terrace are extended with capital which is forming a box structure on the terrace. The columns are kept in a straight line instead of carving. The bulky- stone makes it stand amongst the neighbors.

The balcony of the place is double-height so that one can feel the terrace height. If you peep down from the balcony, your eyes will be fascinated by the greenery near the house. The exterior of the house cannot be left unnoticed by neighbors.

The (duplex) ² design making the house interior and exterior look like a royal residence. The concept of the top Architecture Firms in Gurgaon is that the design of the interior will remain the same even if the families wish to stay separately as duplex are connected they will also remain united under the same roof.

The ACad Studio has a luxury interior designer who leaves its footprints behind every project.




We got this amazing project from one of the reputed firms which deal with doors and flooring designs. The client demands luxurious and creative concepts for their work to display.


The basic concept for designing the showroom of the door and flooring is to make a small space look big and unique. So the Interior design Company came up with the idea of making a maze. The visitor has to open a door (product) to enter or exit the space. This enhances the product as the visitor is forced to touch and feel the quality of the product.

The concept shows the perfect use of small space.


The designing process is always challenging when we have to design a place according to today’s requirements. The topmost challenge is to make a place that isolates the person from one another to beat the spread of coronavirus. The next challenge we face was space, the area of the showroom is very small.

The other challenge was to put the maze concept in design according to space and make the place free from suffocation. Placing the blockages in the right position was again a big challenge. Another challenge was to showcase their work of doors and flooring in the design according to business purposes.


The showroom is for doors and flooring purposes, so the interior design has highlighted their work at each place of the showroom.  The entrance of the showroom is designed grand and luxurious. To showcase the showroom glass entrance’s interior is planned with a large wooden block and the stainless steel rods placed on the entire glass door.

Overall the showroom has 8 doors all that are opened in a sequential manner. The moment you stand in front of door 1 you will found yourself in a big maze. You have to press the knob to check the right door entry. The first door will lead you to the reception area. To enter the reception you have to enter from the 2nd door. The reception is visible from the 1st pod due to the glass partition designed by the Best Architecture Firms in Gurgaon.

The showroom has 6 pods formed by the opening and closing of the doors. The place has one entrance for each pod to enter into another pod. One has to cross all the pods to reach the end of the showroom, where the selection tray is present.  The 2 pods in the middle are purposely designed for private meetings with the client and the other 4 pods can be used as a private meeting room. Each pod has different flooring and wallpaper but a single pod has the same flooring and wallpaper design that follows the continuity in the pattern.

We tried an interesting idea of the maze inside a very small space which also created much smaller spaces where only 2 or 3 people can stand or discuss, making it a covid-friendly design where a large number of people can not be gathered in one single space, but they can be present at different stations/pods.

To enter into space you have to pass through the doors no other way is possible. To avoid suffocation space is provided for the fresh air to come in and tackle people’s movement from that space, the blockage is created. The blockage is made by displaying floor tiles that suit the designs and don’t look weird in the midway of the path.

The bizarre concept of displaying the items used by the  Architecture Firm in Gurgaon within a small space is depicted in the showroom design.

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