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The house is designed for the nuclear family which depicts the use of modern architecture style. The use of simple straight lines is seen on the exterior of the building. The simple functional home has 3 floors. All three floors are designed specifically spacious.

The design of the house follows a geometrical pattern. The vertical lines are followed at the exterior wall of the ground floor. The cuboidal white structure is framing the exterior building envelope. The huge balconies are enveloped with the grey boundary that makes the house look appealing. They are designed with the purpose of chilling and hanging out in the evenings with family and friends. To avoid the rays of sunlight proper shading is given to thereby providing extruded cuboidal block at the one side of the house. and the minimalist furniture in the balcony saving space in the balcony. Following the decor lingo, an accent wall is introduced in the balcony that pleases the eyes. As the name suggests “Grey Connection,” the enveloped portion of the balcony is highlighted by grey color. The grey boundary of the balcony complements the white color of the entire house.

The windows of the house are purposely designed largely in size so that sunlight penetrates inside the rooms and the person sitting inside the rooms can enjoy the beautiful porch landscape. The large windows penetrate the maximum amount of sunlight inside the rooms and let the viewer enjoy the front porch landscape.

The Best Architecture in Gurgaon has made a unique and extraordinary design of houses by following the principles of Design.

Project Type:
Total Area:
500 sq yards
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Principal Architect:
Aayush Chaudhary

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