We were given the opportunity to design and build a builder floor in Faridabad. The client wanted a 4-story house including a separate space for parking. He wanted a lavish yet simple builder floor concept.

The team came up with this design concept to accomplish the client’s specifications. The modern architecture style is incorporated in the design and highlights the amazing use of the elements of design. The height of the building is uneven so that the beauty of the design could be exposed from each corner.

By following the modern architecture style, the builder’s floor is designed. The builder floor is divided into five parts: ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 4th-floor serves as a 2BHK. The ground floor has a stilt for parking vehicles in the front. The elements of design are equally separated and highlighted in the superstructure.

The builder floor follows the geometrical patterns having extruded wooden textured and grey cuboid boxes supporting balcony frames. The glass wall boundary at the balconies and terrace creates harmony among the materials used. Even the detailing of light is done amazingly that outshine the buildings in the neighborhood.

Moving towards the color and texture, the team has done an impressive job by creating a balance between the colors and the textures. The team has mixed and matched the grey and creamish white color with wooden textures around the exterior of the building.

The elevation of the building is just extraordinary from other designs. The simple builder floor designed by the Architect Interior Designer depicts the excellent work of complex detailing.

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Design & Build
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Aayush Chaudhary

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