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Why Is Sustainable Architecture Important

31 Mar 2020

We all are living in times where we are constantly being informed as to what kind of future are we leaving for the future generations. We are nearly consumed most of the Earth’s resources, not knowing that if we are depleted of these resources, then the mankind will soon perish.

In every act of ours, we are being made aware and are being told that we should all adopt sustainable lifestyle practices in order to save as much as we can and use the resources when they are most needed. Such similar practice can be seen in the field of architecture as well where a certain style of architecture has come up that is being known as the ‘Sustainable Architecture’.

Now, there are many people who opt for homes that are sustainable in nature and hence, deploy architects who an help them out to do the same. The main reason for people choosing this architecture is the fact that many people are now conscious individulas who are aware about the current ecological system and nothing can be better than having one’s own house as an example of sustainable architecture.

So, how do we exactly define the sutainable architecture? It can be defined as a form of architecture where there is an inter-play of various natural elements that ultimately shape up the actual design of the house. In the urban areas, we all are so used to artificial way of living where we depend on the appliances to help us live but this is not the case with sustainable architecture.

The various natural elements that get involved while designing and building the house are orientation, natural ventilation, shadow and light and the amount of sunlight penetrating isnide 

the house. The basic objective for involving these features is to focus on using he natural resources in such a way that satisfies a person who is using the home as well as not harm the planet in a negative way. This ensures the minimal and efficient use of resources along with lowest level of environmental footprint. Architect who believe in the concept of sustainable architecture tend to work with renewable resources along with proper utilization of the waste material.

In some areas, sustainable architecture has been taken up quite actively where large number of people are adopting such style of architecture for their homes. If one wants to see some really good examples of sustainable architecture, then one should see the homes that are built in Switzerland where there is a rise in the eco-friendly home buyers.

There are a quite a few advantages of having such sustainable homes due to which people prefer to build these kind of homes:

  1. Good choice of site - This is very crucial as one needs to choose a site that will not add up to environmental burden such as heat urban island effect. The architect plays with natural elements such as orientation of the building, natural ventilation, greenery and plants and shadow and light.

  2. Energy Efficiency - The main aim of a sustainable home is to generate its own energy or have the ability to capture it and in order to ensure the same, the architects minimize the materials that has less energy consumption. This can be achieved by using resources such as good insulation, solar panels or small-scale turbines to generate electricity.

  3. Generating the green homes - This is equally important when it comes to building omes where the materils that are used have to be compatible to the idea of the sustainable architecture such as bamboo or recyclable wood that contribute to the idea of smart homes. These ensure that they do not have negative impacts on the environment especially when they are efficiently used when the materials are recycled.

Homes that are made using traditional methods and resources leave a lot of carbon footprint as it utilizes a lot of energy and hence releases greenhouse gases. Construction industry has actually caused a lot of environmental pollution and subsequently global warming. 

Rising environmental consciousness have triggered the need for developing housing projects which involve sustainability as the innovative solution to the ongoing environmental crises. Hence, sustainable architecture has overall resulted in solid and smart homes which have led to numerous benefits both for the man and for the mother Earth.

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