Why Is BIM Important In The Construction Sector?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a technologically advanced software that aids the architects to see their plans get digitalised and have a virtual look of their designs of the house.


BIM is a valuable tool especially for the professionals who are engaged in the construction industry. With the virtual digitalised images of the houses that will show how it will be made and how it will look like in the final stages, it makes the task of the concerned professional a bit easier as they can now make an informed decision with regard to the structure’s design and construction. BIM also plays a vital role in decreasing the wastage of the construction material where BIM quite accurately gives the dimensions that are required to be made in each stage.


With so many professionals coming on the same and singular platform and working over the same project, BIM keeps updating them on the changes that have been made and also sometimes gives a different perspective when the plan is implemented and future course of action can be planned accordingly. Such collaborative working is becoming more and more popular over the years and is making the work more multidimensional.


BIM is used differently at different stages every time a construction project progresses and new developments have to take place. Due to this constant advancement of the BIM levels, there is something known as the ‘BIM Maturity Levels’. It is on these BIM Maturity Levels that various professionals work and give the inputs for one to design the output.


BIM has been successful in making the construction industry better with the standards that they have now applied in their working. Due to this, there are several benefits of BIM that help various professionals especially the architects who are engaged in the construction industry:


Enhanced Productivity - BIM boosts the productivity of the work significantly because the sharing of the information at one go makes the reach out of the developments and the changes to the structure much faster and hence informs every professional about the current status of the work. This also means that cost incurred in the construction will reduce and more efficiency in terms of working over the project.


Higher Data Storage - BIM is the best option when it comes to storing a vast amount of information with respect to the construction work that is being carried out. Different professionals handle the big data differently and hence work efficiently for their project.


An Aid to Smaller Projects - BIM plays a vital role when it comes to ensuring that the construction materials have optimal utilization and no wastage is there. This helps the smaller projects to keep a tab on how the construction can progress without any too much of wastage. It also makes the small business embrace technological advancement right from the beginning.


Infrastructure of Better Quality - BIM not only helps in designing with precision but allows a structure to be built with the right management with the right approach leading to a good quality structure which is also built with precision. This leads to greater satisfaction both by the architects in their working as well as by their clients when it comes to using the structure. Also, parameters such as environment-friendly construction and modernisation of the designed structures will be easier to be taken into consideration during the construction process. 


No Clash or Interference - Here the clash means that due to misinformation, some mistakes take place but BIM ensures that the professionals avoid such mistakes and hence no clash is there. BIM can help a lot in clash detection and as a result, there is an efficient work process in place. 


Hence, from the above, it is clear that BIM is that solution that the construction industry as been looking for and with several examples to serve as evidence, BIM has really helped the professionals with the construction management and designing of the structure. More is still yet to come in the form of technological up-gradation that will, in turn, increase the level of work especially in the field of architecture.


By ACAD STUDIO - Architecture, Home Interior Design, Interior Decorators in Gurgaon

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