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10 Tips To Design A Co-Working Space That Meets Every Company Needs

10 Tips To Design A Co-Working Space That Meets Every Company Needs

26 May 2020

Co-working space is an arrangement where employees from different companies share one office space which allows the benefit of cost-saving and provides modern office convenience through the facilities and common infrastructures such as types of equipment, utilities, or refreshments.

Co-working space is nowadays very much in trend where a lot of offices are adopting this system of coworking space. It is an economical option for any company which wants a physical space to run its company with people but do not have adequate resources or capital to sustain an office space in the longer run.

There are numerous kinds of companies that function in our country right from a corporate company to a startup. Every company has different requirements, such as some want spaces with formal office interior design whereas some want a creative office decorative interior design.

It can sometimes be a challenge for an architect to cater to both formal and flexible interior designs of office. The main purpose of a co-working space is that it needs to incorporate all kinds of companies and employees. Hence, the interior designing and decoration have to be such where the architect has to decide how he or she should go about the whole planning, designing and implementation of architectural and designing elements of the space.

Below are mentioned some of the parameters that the architects should keep in mind while designing the interiors of the co-working office space:

  • Space Allocation - When an architect and an interior designer gets a space then he or she needs to think and decide which space is to be allocated to which kind of function. Would the architect like to make a divide between the formal and flexible interior designing spaces or play with mix and match or which can of spaces will cater to particular functions such as board room, a brainstorming room, client room etc. Every corner of the co-working space should be planned.
  • Make way for Space - Sometimes a space within a coworking space can be used for multiple purposes by different people. So the interior designer should plan as to how movable furniture, retractable walls, stackable chairs or neutral office decoration can serve this purpose so as to cater to different functions in a particular space.
  • Fix The Lighting - Distribution of light should be planned and prioritized in the coworking space. Here a lot of architectural elements come into play, for example, if the coworking space has no outlet of light or it has many windows then how would an architect and an interior designer plan the scattering of light. How different kinds of lighting will be helpful or be soothing to space. 
  • Ensure Privacy - No matter even if it is open coworking space, every employee deserves some privacy while he or she is working. Of course, there can be a neighbourhood feel while working in the same place but at the same time, there needs to be some privacy for an individual who is working. So, with different patterns of design, one can play with how privacy can be ensured with architectural designs
  • Have Designated Areas - Irrespective of which company is functioning in the coworking space, there are some common things that are required by every office such as common area, kitchen area, coffee or tea machine area or a place for phones, printers and mailbox. These spaces are equally important for any office as communication is the very essence of a company’s functioning.
  • Have A Welcoming Space - This is a very important point to be noted by an architect and an interior designer. A coworking space needs to be welcoming in nature and this can be done when the architecture and designing of the coworking space attracts a person or makes the person feel good at that place. Adding spaces like a courtyard or cosy sitting space adds a sense of vibrant connection between the people.
  • Have Fun Elements - Indeed coworking space is an office space, but an element of enjoyment should not be ruled out. One could always have a designated space for playrooms or sports room for employees to chill out and promote better emotional health.
  • Have Inspiration for Eating Areas - Whether they are canteens or simple dining areas, make it look creative where all kinds of employees can enjoy their time while having their meal. Some inspiration can be taken from the coffee shops as to how quirky stuff can add to the decor of the place.
  • Have Enough Storage Space - Since a number of companies can work in a coworking space, it is necessary that an architect or an interior designer to design and make storage that can incorporate a lot of stuff and to keep it secure.
  • Have Enough Spots for Plug Points - In the process of designing, it is important to bear in mind by the architect or the interior designer that enough space should be there for plug points such as for chargers and internet connection. Today the whole world is thriving on the internet and laptop system, hence there needs to be enough plug points all over the coworking space. 

Acad Studio is an architectural firm in Gurgaon where a number of architects and interior designers work. They work for office interiors as well where all kinds of designs are undertaken. The team is led by the Principal Architect, Aayush Chaudhary who guides the company with his vision and mission.

Acad Studio has earlier also worked for a coworking space - The Wooden Harmony at Golf Course Road, Gurgaon where Aayush Chaudhary and his team had worked on the office space that was located in the basement that caters to four different companies. 

The idea that was used for that co-working space was to have an office environment without creating any partition. The entire theme of the office was based on the fusion of natural materials, sunlight and greenery to give a lively vibe to the office. The objective of designing this co-working office interior space was to create a cheerful and productive environment for the employees who work in this office for 8 hours.

If one is looking for an architect and an interior designer to design the co-working space then, one should definitely contact Acad Studio for these services as they provide one of the best designing services and also they always inform the client at every stage of work where they assure accountability.

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