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LIFE IMPROVEMENTCreate the best Best place to live for yourself

TURN A HOME INTO YOUR SPACEGet a dream living space for yourself

Home is the only place where we can enjoy our own company or spend some time with our loved ones. So, it is important to live in a comfortable space where we feel good. Also, bringing some small changes can bring a whole new vibe to the place. So, here seeking help from architects and interior designers always help. Know that we are the best architect’s designers in Sun City, Gurgaon.
Step1- Schematic Design
Here we systematically discuss the design with the client. We make sure to know their preferences so that we can curate the project plan.
Step 2- Design Development Phase
We will start looking for the materials and other related things which are part of the project plan. Also, if required, we will make some changes if things do not match properly.
Step 3- Construction Documents
Our engineers will start deciding on the construction part, including some technical design.
Step 4- Bidding
Once everything is done, we will start looking for the contractor with the client to start with the construction process.
Step 5- Construction Administration
This is a lengthy part where the architect and the interior designer will look into the details and inspect everything.

IN A NUTSHELLResidential

At ACAD, we make sure to provide you with the services as per your needs. We have expertise in all kinds of residential spaces like apartments, bungalows, mansions etc. No matter, what you want, we will make sure to work on it. ACAD has the best architect’s designers in Sun City, Gurgaon.

Project Analysis
Our team of architects and interior designers will visit the project space to analyze it. They will then consider your choice and then will start planning.
Project Design
Based on the meeting, our team will come up with some plans and get those approved by the client.
Production and Building
On the basis of a plan approved, we will take care of the production and building process.
Furniture design
We will also focus on the furniture to be installed, whether it goes with the interior or not.
Office Design
We also have expertise in building and renovating office spaces. We will help you to transform the whole look of the space.
Design Consultancy
We assure you to provide assistance for the designs wherever you feel stuck.
Home Advising
We offer suggestions related to home design, interior, furniture etc, making sure everything matches when together.
Not only building new, but we also provide services in remodelling the residency area or workplace as per your choice.





Let’s Build & Design Together

ACad Studio is an Award-Winning architecture and interior design company, imparting the whole range of architectural services. We formulate a unique solution for every client where we work upon the ideas that our client wishes for.
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