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We all want to have our dream space to live in. For the construction of this space, it takes a lot of time and effort. Better to hire the best architects designers in Sector 28, Gurgaon, i.e. ACAD team, who is known for the best architecture and interior services. The team will surely understand the expectation of clients and accordingly provide services.
Step 1
In this step, the team architect and client discuss their requirement for the project.
Step 2
The team of ACAD will finalize the material used in the construction process even if the design drawings are properly revised.
Step 3
Architects and engineers from the team will also finalize all the technical designs related to air conditioners, ventilation, plumbing, electric system, etc.
Step 4
In this phase, the contractor is finalizing what can meet up the requirements of clients.
Step 5
One of the longest phases where proper inspections sheets are maintained to know the actual progress

IN A NUTSHELLResidential

ACAD team is known for the best residential services, which include designing different Bungalows, Mansions, town homes, etc. The customer just needs to elaborate the design, and the team will make every effort to make it true.

Project Analysis
A proper meet is conducted for the clients with the ACAD team to know about the expectations from the project.
Project Design
According to the discussion with clients, the team will come up with the design draft and represent it to the client for their approval.
Production and Building
The team of ACAD will take care of all the production and building process, which is based on the design approved by the client.
Furniture design
You can easily get the best furniture design from the ACAD team as we provide the furniture which goes with the aesthetic of the place.
Office Design
Even ACAD is known for the best office designs and can transform the workplace, which will be quite appealing.
Design Consultancy
We offer design consultancy services where the clients are provided with the best designs to create their space and make it more functional.
Home Advising
ACAD team will provide their clients with all types of recommendations like furniture designing, home designing, interiors, etc. This makes them the best architects designers in Sector 28, Gurgaon.
If you want to revamp your old space, the ACAD team is here at your service.





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ACad Studio is an Award-Winning architecture and interior design company, imparting the whole range of architectural services. We formulate a unique solution for every client where we work upon the ideas that our client wishes for.
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