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Building the dream house can include a lot of activities that need to be organized well. Nowadays, architecture and interior design play a very important aspect while designing the dream space. Home can be a great version of the personality. You can easily get the best advice about architect’s designers in DLF phase 4 Gurgaon from the expert team ACAD.
Step 1
In this step, the client and the architect discuss the project requirements. It is a very important step that accounts for almost 15% of the architecture work.
Step 2
Here all the material and interior are finalized, along with the revision of the drawings made by the team.
Step 3
ACAD architects and engineers will finalize all the technical design related to ventilation, plumbing, gas, electric system, etc
Step 4
The important phase is where the contractor is finalized by the team of ACAD. It is made sure that the contractor performs all the tasks according to the client’s requirements.
Step 5
It is the final step that takes most of the time of the ACAD team. Here proper inspection is done to have a proper look at the process.

IN A NUTSHELLResidential

The team of ACAD specializes in offering all types of residential spaces such as apartments, mansions, Bungalows, etc. The idea for the construction of space can be any; we won’t let you down at any point.

Project Analysis
ACAD team will have a one-on-one meeting with all their clients so that analyses on the project can be made properly. A proper frame of customer needs is made that needs to be taken care of during the process.
Project Design
After all the discussion with the client, the team will come up with the final draft to state the design and seek approval from them.
Production and Building
The team of ACAD will take care of all the production and building process that is based on the client’s approved design.
Furniture design
Even our team offers their clients services related to furniture design. The team makes sure to get all the furniture that will fit better with the overall aesthetics of the place.
Office Design
Not only do we provide services related to residential spaces, but we also help with the designing of office spaces.
Design Consultancy
We have a great team with whom you can discuss your ideas, and we will help to get that idea into reality.
Home Advising
We are offering almost all types of design ideas for home, interior, furniture, etc.
We provide special services to remodel the old residential or workspace and create them into a new and exciting building.
Just come to ACAD for services as we are known as the best architects’ designers in DLF phase 4.





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ACad Studio is an Award-Winning architecture and interior design company, imparting the whole range of architectural services. We formulate a unique solution for every client where we work upon the ideas that our client wishes for.
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