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TURN A HOME INTO YOUR SPACEBuild A New Space Or Renovate The Old One With Us

Living in a house of our dream is still a dream for many of us. But with the help of an architect and interior designer, we can easily add some elements to our house, which helps it in making a good place to live. There is no doubt that a house will reflect your personality. So here at ACAD, architects designers in Cyber City will provide you with the best architectural and interior services.
Step 1
In this step, our main focus is to know our customer choice and expectation. We will discuss the changes they want and their requirements.
Step 2
Then we will start looking for the things which are essential for the project. In some cases, we do make the changes if we feel that things are not going right.
Step 3
Our engineers will look into the construction details like air conditioning, ventilation, electric system etc.
Step 4
Herewith our client, we will look for the right contractor who will help us to complete our project.
Step 5
This is one of the length processes where the architect and the engineer will look deep into the details and inspect things closely.

IN A NUTSHELLResidential

ACAD has the expertise in completing residential projects with full efficiency and effectiveness. We will offer you every style; all you just have to do is to select one as per your option. Also, know that we are the best architect’s designers in Cyber City, Gurgaon.

Project Analysis
We, our team of architects and interior designers, will visit the project space and will analyse everything.
Project Design
As per the project space, we will come up with some plan drafts and get those approved by the client. We will plan as per the choice of the client.
Production and Building
We will also look into the production and building process, which will be as per the approved plan.
Furniture design
Not only with the interior, but we will also help you with the type of furniture, colour palette etc, to make the place look more appealing to the eyes.
Office Design
We also have the ability to curate some office designs, apart from residence.
Design Consultancy
We will plan some designs for you as per your choice and will suggest you.
Home Advising
We will stand by you and offer you some suggestions based on your needs.
We are great in remodelling the old spaces, whether a home place, office etc.





Let’s Build & Design Together

ACad Studio is an Award-Winning architecture and interior design company, imparting the whole range of architectural services. We formulate a unique solution for every client where we work upon the ideas that our client wishes for.
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