Baliya, U.P

Project Name

Jewelry Showroom



The interior designing project of the jewelry showroom in Uttar Pradesh's Ballia district was challenging yet exciting. The client's legacy of over 50 years in the jewelry business and the competition from other brands made it essential to make the showroom stand out and make a statement.

The client's main requirement was to have maximum displays on each floor, which was taken into consideration while designing the showroom. The showroom has ground+ three floors in total. Each floor follows a different theme based on the type of jewelry and footfall.

The ground floor is designed in a traditional theme with sitting arrangements placed according to the footfall. The traditional theme gives the customers a sense of the legacy and heritage of the client's business.

The first floor is dedicated to gold and silver jewelry, and the interiors are kept subtle yet luxurious. The use of warm colors and soft lighting enhances the shine and luster of the gold and silver jewelry. The aim was to create a warm and inviting space that exudes elegance and charm.

The third floor is dedicated to diamonds, and the interior is kept modern, subtle, and luxurious, just like diamonds. The use of cool tones and bright lighting highlights the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds. The aim was to create a space that feels exclusive, sophisticated, and glamorous.

The overall design of the showroom incorporates the client's legacy and the latest trends in the jewelry industry. The use of warm and cool tones, subtle and bright lighting, and traditional and modern themes make the showroom stand out and make a statement. The design is not only visually appealing but also functional, with maximum displays on each floor. The design is expected to become a benchmark for the client's upcoming chains.

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