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Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.

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Polycom CX Polycom Studio Soundbar. Poly Sync Poly Trio C Poly Studio P15 Video Bar. Poly Studio E70 Camera. Poly Studio R Jabra Yamaha YVC Yealink CP Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. This article introduces an end-to-end approach to planning, delivering, and operating Microsoft Teams Rooms as part of your overall meeting and conference room strategy.

You’ll find planning information below covering the recommended approach and key decisions that you need to make, with links to supporting technical information. We recommend that you review the Plan, Deploy, and Manage sections even if you’re already fully deployed. Microsoft Teams Rooms provides a complete meeting experience that brings HD video, audio, and content sharing to meetings of all sizes, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms.

Microsoft Teams Rooms help is a great resource to find out more about Microsoft Teams Rooms and how it can add value as part of your deployment. You can procure these components as preinstalled bundles from a number of vendors, or you can purchase the supported components individually by following the requirements documented in this article.

Use the approach illustrated below to guide you through your deployment, and customize the sample outputs provided as needed for your organization.

Begin with understanding what conference rooms you have and envisioning what would work best for you in the future, then move through selecting and procuring the equipment you need, readying your sites, configuring and deploying your service, managing change and user adoption, and developing operations and maintenance procedures.

You might need to coordinate these activities across several teams. We provide a high-level view of the main activities that you should cover, and also suggestions for the teams who are typically involved in deploying and managing conference room systems, to help you decide who you need to work with. The first step is to inventory your organization’s existing meeting spaces and conference rooms to understand their environment, room size, layout, and purpose.

You can then identify the capabilities you want each room to have such as intelligent cameras, whiteboarding, content camera, etc.

After you create an inventory of the equipment and capabilities in each existing room, your requirements for that room feed into your device selection planning to create a rich conferencing solution. The modalities audio, video needed for each room—in addition to room size and purpose—all play an important role in deciding which solution is most appropriate for each room. As part of your discovery, it’s key to consider room acoustics and layout. For example, check that the chairs in the room won’t block the camera view.

Verify that the room doesn’t have excessive echo or noisy air conditioning, and that it does have sufficient power for the screens and Microsoft Teams Rooms. There are many factors to consider that your audio-visual AV team or partner will be able to advise on.

Evaluate which Microsoft Teams Rooms solution is the most suitable for each room based on the future capabilities you want for the room. Decide which AV peripheral devices are the best fit, depending on room size and layout. For guidance for the type of system and peripheral devices by room type and size, see the Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements article. Based on the vendor you prefer, use the information provided in the requirements article to define your Microsoft Teams Rooms and supported peripheral device configuration per room type, and use this as a template for your deployment.

Pro Tip — Now is a great time to start gathering information about the Microsoft Teams Rooms solution you’ve chosen. You can acquire Microsoft Teams Rooms from a number of partners who are listed in the requirements article. Please visit the partners’ websites to learn more about these solutions and procurement options. Depending on your deployment scale and approach, you might decide to have the Microsoft Teams Rooms and supported peripheral devices shipped to a central location for initial configuration and assignment.

This might be a good approach for a staged rollout across many sites. Or, you might choose to ship the bundles directly to your sites. Your organization must execute monitoring, administration, and management tasks on an ongoing basis, and it’s key to agree who will undertake these tasks early in your deployment.

Many organizations have an AV team or partner who manages their conference rooms and devices.


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Learn more about hot desking on Teams display Shop devices. Manage Teams devices and settings in one place with tools for /14921.txt setup, inventory management, monitoring, teamd secured delegated administration.


Microsoft Teams Rooms – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs – Overview of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms turn any meeting room into an easy-to-manage and inclusive space where everyone can collaborate without compromise. Experience instant, high-quality audio and video communication everywhere you work with flexible, seamless transitions across devices at home, on the go.


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Microsoft Teams Rooms turn any meeting room into an easy-to-manage and inclusive space where everyone can collaborate without compromise. Experience instant, high-quality audio and video communication everywhere you work with flexible, seamless transitions across devices at home, on the go.

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