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Deployment guide for Webex App for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Cisco.Solved: Webex Meetings VDI Download – Cisco Community

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Check these release notes to see the latest information about improvements we have made and issues we have resolved. This firmware release fixes issues with Series audio delays and interoperability with the Webex App.

Cisco Accessory Hub can recognize and upgrade Cisco Headset and Series headsets that have firmware 2. You can also see your headset serial number and firmware version through the web application. When you use Webex with the Cisco Headset Series, your headset firmware automatically updates. A pop-up notification tells you when an update is available and prompts you to start the upgrade. You need headset firmware 2.

Beginning with Cisco Unified Communications Manager version Downgrade Support on the Cisco Headset and Series. We simplified multi-app call control in the Cisco Headset and Series so you can manage active calls on more than one calling app at the same time. For example, you can mute an active call on Webex and then answer an incoming call on Cisco Jabber through the Jabber UI. While on the Jabber call, your headset call controls interact with that call. When the Jabber call is complete, you can resume your original Webex call and retain control through your headset.

Cisco Headset Series call controls in Webex Meeting with multiple open soft-clients. The Cisco Headset Series offers users an improved call control experience in Cisco Webex Meetings when you have other calling apps open.

Previously, the Cisco Headset Series would occasionally experience unexpected behaviors when multiple calling apps were open. This codec offers a better audio experience when the radio signal is too low or is experiencing interference. You can also view your headset serial number and firmware version. For more information, see Upgrade your headset on Cisco Accessory Hub. Webex administrators can track headsets by model, serial number, firmware version, connection status, and connection history.

You can change your headset ringtone behavior through the Preferences menu on the Cisco IP Phone and Series. The setting saves to the phone and applies to any Cisco headset that connects. If you use the Cisco Headset Multibase, you need to press on the base for your ringtone changes to take effect.

By default, your phone follows the behavior of the phone ringer settings. Select On if you want to hear the phone ring whenever you have an incoming call. Select Off if you don’t want to hear any ring through your headset when there’s an incoming call. Cisco Headset Series conferenceing is enabled by default. Cisco Headset Series Multibase automatic switching enhancement.

Firmware Release 2. The multibase now only automatically switches between sources when there isn’t already an active call on the selected source. Previously, the Multibase occasionally switched sources regardless of the current call status. To switch sources during an active call, place the current call on hold and manually press the source you want to switch to on the multibase.

Cisco Headset Series powers off after 10 minutes. To conserve the battery, the Cisco Headset Series powers off if it doesn’t pair with a base within 10 minutes. The headset automatically powers back on and pairs when it is securely placed onto a powered base. You can also press and hold the Call button for 4 seconds to turn on the headset.

Extension Mobility uses can start their sign in when they plug their Cisco Headset Series or Cisco Headset into somone else’s phone. When the user connects the headset into a phone, the phone checks with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Unified CM to discover if the headset serial number is mapped to a user.

The next time the user plugs their headset into a phone, the Unified CM finds the user ID, based on the headset serial number. The user automatically signs out of Extension Mobility when they unplug the headset or after a predetermined inactivity time. The user can also be signed out automatically if the Cisco Headset Series is taken too far from the base. In this case, if the headset reconnects with the base before the inactivity timer expires, the user doesn’t need to sign in again.

Users can associate their headset with their user ID from the Accessories menu on the phone. The feature requires configuration of new fields in the Service Parameter Configuration administration page.

You can upgrade your Cisco Headset Series firmware on the latest desktop version of the Webex App. The Device Information section of the Cisco IP Phone web page now includes the headset firmware upgrade restriction setting.

This lets the agent control whether they are ready to take another call without having to go into the Finesse desktop. All agent status is synced between the headset and Cisco Finesse so that the current status is known by both.

This feature is available as a preview feature with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release You can deploy the feature for internal testing and development, but it’s not recommended that you deploy the feature in a production environment.

All support requests to Cisco TAC are treated as severity-level 4. Full support is expected to be added in a future release.

To use the feature, you must turn the feature on via an enterprise parameter. The configuration menus become active only after the enterprise parameter is enabled.

More information on this feature will become available when Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release Cisco Headset Series multibase enhancement. Users can answer incoming calls from any connected source with the headset Call button. This feature requires Cisco Unified Communications Manger Older versions of Cisco Unified Communications Manager can change the setting through direct edits to the defaultheadsetconfig.

Cisco Unified Communication Manager administrators can restrict headsets to only accept firmware upgrades from Cisco Unified Communication Manager devices with the Firmware Source parameter.

Electronic hookswitch control on Cisco IP Phones for connection with the Cisco Headset Series is now enabled by default and can be disabled by end users. Support for Jabber for Windows 10 bit devices. With Firmware release 1.

They can:. Pair up to three additional headsets on a standard base or multibase to quickly connect to the same call.

General Cisco Headset Series enhancements. Cisco Headset Series users connected to a Cisco IP Phone can now hear the ringtone of incoming calls on their headsets.

Cisco Headset Series Multibase users can hear the ringtone on both the selected and unselected sources. The headset serviceability features require Cisco Unified Communications Manager This allows you to collect the phone logs without generating a report from the phone. With this release, headset information is also displayed in the log, which you can use for troubleshooting. Jabber users can adjust their headset equalizer and sidetone settings.

This feature requires Cisco Jabber version Jabber administrators can view headset inventory and remotely configure headsets. This release provides support for the Cisco Headset Series Multibase. The multibase allows you to connect to multiple sources and provides a superior wireless office experience. Users can connect to up to three call sources at one time and switch between the sources using the Multibase buttons. The Multibase also offers call connectivity with Bluetooth devices.

You can answer and end calls when you lift and set down your Cisco Headset Series on the Standard Base. New upgrade options for Cisco Headsets on Cisco Jabber. You can upgrade your headset through the Cisco Jabber desktop application software version Remote configuration of headset parameters for On-Premises Phones. You can remotely configure your Cisco Headset Series parameters for use with your on-premises phones. It’s a convenient way to set up or modify your organization’s default headset settings on Cisco IP Phones.

To configure the settings, download the defaultheadsetconfig. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release Upgrade your phones to the latest firmware release before you apply the defaultheadsetconfig. Headsets have additional tone alerts to notify users when they press and hold the call button to end a call. The bugs listed in the following table describe unresolved bugs in the most recent firmware release. Refer to the Bug Search Toolkit for more information.

Cisco Headset mic volume level starts low on all calls and gradually gets louder as you talk. Cisco headset has second delays after the call is connected before audio can be heard. The battery indicator LED on the base occasionally falls to one light after the headset unpairs from the base.

There is noise in the headset when the multibase switches from an IP-Phone source to the Bluetooth source. Cisco Accessory Hub. You can also upload older firmware versions to your headset from your desktop. You can find older headset firmware versions on the Cisco Software Download page.

You can download the latest headset firmware through a USB connection. Webex desktop app prompts you to update your headset whenever there is a new firmware version available.



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Exceptions may be present in the documentation due to language that is hardcoded in the user interfaces of the product software, language used based on RFP documentation, or language that is used by a referenced third-party product. For full featured meetings with Webex App , you or your users must either install the bundled VDI plugin or the two separate VDI plugins on a thin client. Connection broker —The resource and connection manager Citrix, VMware that connects the virtualization provider to the thin client.


Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop Software.Cisco Jabber for VDI available to download

Cisco Webex VDI Plugin Deployment Cisco Webex Teams is an easy-to-use collaboration solution that keeps people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere. Webex Teams brings together messaging, file sharing, video meetings, white boarding a calling. Firstly, you will need to download both the VDI client and the Ubuntu bit plugin from the. Apr 12,  · Cisco Webex Teams. Configuration Guides. Deployment guide for Webex App for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Download Download Options. Book Title. Deployment guide for Webex App for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) PDF – Complete Book ( MB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices. Jun 16,  · Book Title. Deployment guide for Webex App for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Chapter Title. Deploy Webex App for VDI. PDF – Complete Book ( MB) PDF – This Chapter ( MB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices.

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