All you need to know about the difference between an interior designer and an interior architect ?

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As human beings, we are proud to conclude our achievements to date. In the last thousands of years, we have made a great leap in different aspects of life. We have made inventions and discoveries in the field of medicine, healthcare, science, and technology. With all these, it has come to the improvement in the living standards in modern society. In the early days, people lived in wooden or mud houses. While at present, people live in well-furnished luxurious concrete houses which are more durable to withstand rain as well as storm. Now, we like to customize our houses with the help of interior architect and interior designers as per our needs. The work of an interior designer is to decorate the interior whereas interior architecture makes space planning and designs the interior structure.

 We are often confused about the difference between an interior designer and an interior architect. If you are confused between the two professions, you should check out the given pointers thoroughly.

  • Licensing: Interior architecture is a profession by nature which holds an architecture license. In the beginning, a person aspiring to be an interior architect has to qualify in his or her respective exams to get into architecture colleges. Finally, after receiving their degree they will get an architecture license with which they would get the legal freedom to practice architecture. On the other hand, interior designers do not need to go through such a complex procedure. In the early days, any person who has a keen knowledge and idea about designing interiors can be considered an interior designer. But at present, there are multiple courses available in the market through which a person can aspire to be an interior designer. 


  • Structural modification: Desires are based on desire and needs. Desires and needs change over time. For instance, if a person builds a house for his family consisting of his wife, his son, and himself. After a decade, their son has grown up and requested some structural changes in their interior for studying purposes. Then, it is the father’s call to hire interior architecture who will redesign the interior structure and change the technical levels in design as per demand. An interior designer can only decorate the interior but it is the job of interior architecture to change the interior structure.


  • Differences based on roles: The major difference between interior designers and interior architects lies in their jobs. It is the job offered by an interior designer to decorate the interior surface. For example, think that you are getting married in a few weeks. Now, you want to change the design and theme of the interiors which is chosen with your partner’s choice. Since, you want to make your partner comfortable at home, your optimum choice will be to hire an interior designer so that he/she can change your interiors as per your partner’s preferences. On the other hand, interior architecture is hired to design and manage the interior structure at our convenience. You are building a new bungalow for your family, you will hand in the task of designing the interiors to interior designing. 

Indeed, interior architecture and interior design sound the same. But in reality, they are rules and functions are different from each other. From the above-highlighted pointers, we can easily differentiate the difference between an interior designer and an interior architect.


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