Quick and elegant tips for designing your wardrobe

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When it comes to designing a new bedroom closet organizing system, there are a few fundamental guidelines to follow. Take a look at these useful hints for creating the most effective wardrobe space. Let’s have a look at some quick tips for wardrobe interior design.

Compute the figures

Make a list of everything you have in your closet. For typical dimensions, consult our Clothing Storage Guide. These estimates will help you determine how much hanging, shelf, and accessory space you’ll need. You’ll be able to design and arrange more successfully once you’ve tallied up your garments and things.


Make room for dresses or longer-hanging garments

First, plan for a lengthy hanging part, then add drawers and shelves. To maximize vertical space, make any leftover space double-hung. The normal woman’s long hang should take up between 18 and 24 inches of hanging area.


Knits and sweaters should be folded to minimize damage

Make sure that you stack your things properly. Do not make huge piles; instead, go for smaller ones. These piles can help your sweaters enjoy a longer life without getting crumpled. If you’re stacking folded garments to avoid tipping, use the following heights: 2-4 sweaters/sweatshirts, 5-6 shirts, and 4-6 jeans. Look for the decorators and designers who can help you with wardrobe design in Gurgaon for quick and best ideas. Also, you can make stacks of similar colours together. 


When planning, keep seasonal storage in mind

If you’re short on room, move your seasonal items from the main closet to a secondary closet or storage area. When it comes to keeping seasonal objects tidy and out of the way, baskets and bins will come in handy. Do not let the things look clumsy by overdoing your designs; instead make them look simple and classy with enough space and only white or beige colours. 

For a shared closet, provide a visible barrier

This will eliminate any future issues about sharing space or wearing the same clothing. Find out how to share a closet with a significant other in this article. Women’s clothes take up more room than men’s and require a longer hang time if you’re sharing a place; factor this into your clothing planning.


Extra shoe storage was considered throughout the design process

The average woman has 40 pairs of shoes, compared to 10 pairs for males. Allow you plenty of shoe storage and room to expand. A flat shelf can hold more shoes, and they should be kept heel to toe for optimal space efficiency. Check out the best 5 methods to store your shoe collection for additional shoe management ideas.


The nicest thing about having a self-designed closet is that you can always add more to it or change the components whenever you want, without having to use any tools. Are you ready to create the closet organizing system of your dreams? Start designing your closet now with the Free Online Design Tools or by visiting your nearby decorators and designers.


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