Tips To Get Modular Kitchen in Your Home

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If this is your first time getting a modular kitchen created for your house, be prepared to be assaulted with jargon that may go over your head. Do you want to know what to keep in mind when you meet with an interior designer or go shopping for a kitchen? Here’s a quick guide to getting started with your modular kitchen designs and layout for first-timers.


Determine the Work Triangle in Your Kitchen

Before you start thinking about the small modular kitchen design, do a basic sketch of your kitchen area. You need to make sure that your kitchen has a lot of space so that you can move comfortably and work in a spacious place. It must not look clumsy and cluttered because of a lot of work. 

Countertop Height That Is Ideal

The average height of individuals in a nation is frequently used to determine the recommended counter height for a kitchen. The counter height in India is usually between 820 mm and 860 mm. It’s a pleasant place to work for the majority of folks. 

Select Kitchen Colours Carefully

Keep in mind that the kitchen will need to be maintained in the long run. Because Indian cooking produces a lot of stubborn stains, it might be advisable to avoid an all-white kitchen. All-white kitchens are difficult to keep clean and need a lot of upkeep. However, this does not imply that you should choose bright colours at random. Darker colours, after all, absorb more heat, especially in the summer. To preserve overall harmony, you may always select a combination of the two.

The importance of ventilation cannot be overstated

Cooking is one activity that produces a significant amount of heat. Ascertain that your kitchen has adequate ventilation. The kitchen would have a door that leads to a balcony or the laundry room in an ideal world. This will allow fresh air in while also ensuring that the smoke from your cooking does not accumulate inside your home.

Lighting in the Kitchen

To brighten up your kitchen, nothing beats natural light streaming in through the window. However, when using natural light, make sure the kitchen has adequate illumination for evenings and nights. Overhead lighting will illuminate the countertop, which is where the majority of the action takes place. Because they put direct light on the countertop, under-cabinet lights are becoming increasingly popular.

First and foremost, there is safety

One of the most important things to think about in the kitchen is safety! Make certain that the flooring you select is also slip-resistant. There should be some room between the sink and the stove, and your appliances should be near to the switchboard. There needs to be proper space between the things so that your security is maintained. 


We hope this list has given you some inspiration for your own kitchen. Remember, these are only the fundamentals. Because it is an expensive investment, you should give your kitchen interiors a lot of attention and study.


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